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Hardy Issues Update On Helms, Says “Don’t Believe Everything You Read”

Matt Hardy posted a video yesterday concerning Gregory Helms and his girlfriend Karen following their motorcycle accident last Thursday.

The TNA Wrestling Superstar said Helms is due for multiple surgeries on his leg, but both are not facing life-threatening issues. He visited them at the hospital and said they are getting better.

He also commented on reporting that Helms is under investigation for Driving under the influence.

“There’s a lot of stuff that just actually came out in the news today on TMZ, and all I can say is don’t believe everything you read,” he said. “You never know what your getting, whether it’s the truth or not the truth through the internet.”

TMZ, however, cited the actual police report as the source of their information regarding Helms being under investigation for DUI.


  • jim

    ok matt.i wont believe what you said.there is a police report for christ sakes..saying everyone is out to get shane this time is fail.

  • adam tarasievich

    I dont know matt is pretty credible. I mean he was the same person who posted youtube videos were he basically talked about how he was in great shape and he was in love with grapes.

  • Stevie

    Hmm, police report or Matt Hardy…who to believe..

  • CC

    @Quezito, there is a difference between the words everything and anything .. if you are gonna mock someone, at least mock them for something thats mockable. Matt is spot on with the fact that not everything thats reported is true. By the same token, a few weeks ago we had a certain Mr Angle claiming that not everything thats reported is true, and the truth will be seen. Then when the truth was seen, the reports happened to be true (damn true) and Kurt turned out to be a liar (a damn liar).

  • Quezito

    Dont believe anything you hear on the internet…Umm Fatboy, your ON THE INTERNET…

  • Eric Nixon

    He’s right, you shouldn’t always believe everything you hear.

    Like this one time, I hear someone tell me that Matt Hardy was an entertaining and capable wrestler.

  • HBK

    The irony is Matt Hardy’s in a bar saying this.

    I’m Not sayin’
    jus’ sayin’

  • adam tarasievich

    ya matt why should we believe anything you say.

  • dlb

    lol “you never know what your getting, whether it’s the truth or not the truth through the internet” from matt hardy

    oh the irony

  • Bastion Boogeyman

    Fatt Hardy is so stupid.

  • Satan

    Does Matt Hardys face digust anyone else??? just wondering..

  • Dab Roberts

    “don’t believe everything on the net” – sticking up for a friend who was possibly DUI
    What is going to happen if helms wad DUI, would he get locked up? Set free? All I can say is while it’s sad for Karen, but karma is a bitch for helms, he badmouths people, acts like a total douchenozzle and karma bites back