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Hardy Speaks on Chris Benoit, WrestleMania 29 Touted, Dancing with the Stars

– WrestleMania celebrity Maria Menounos was eliminated from ABC’s Dancing with the Stars this week. WWE Diva Lilian Garcia commented:

“Congrats @mariamenounos 4 doing SO amazing on DWTS! I’m still in shock that u didn’t win, but wow u r quite an inspiration! Luv ya girl!”

Speaking of DWTS, they will hold their first-ever All-Star Season this coming Fall with cast members who have appeared in the past. They are keeping tight on casting for the season but it’s always possible that Chris Jericho could be invited back.

– While announcing the 2013 Major League Baseball All-Star game yesterday, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg touted WWE’s WrestleMania 29 as a major event coming to the area next year.

– Matt Hardy wrote the following on Twitter yesterday regarding WWE’s policy of not mentioning Chris Benoit:

“I totally understand why WWE has adopted a non-Benoit policy, that’s a business move to attempt to distance themselves from Chris’s terrible final actions. My point is that I don’t have to cater to & speak by “WWE history”, as opposed to actual, factual history. WWE can treat the Benoit situation as if he never existed, but in reality, he absolutely did.”

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  • prince albert

    Why the fuck is Matt hardy talking about this, doesn’t he have anything better to do then make stupid videos?

  • yofits

    They murdered themselves tho.

    I agree, Vince is a hypocrite and a racist.

  • GreasyRabbit75

    @kitkrock—um, the Von Erichs didn’t murder anybody, either. Kinda makes a difference.

  • Houndy

    True but only themselves….big different in the eyes of public opinion.

  • kitkrock

    Vince McMahon is a hypocrite.

    Benoit killed himself, no HOF.
    Von Erichs killed themselves, inducted in the HOF.

  • Justin sane

    @dave that’s a silly thing to say

  • dave

    had einstein murdered his family 65 years after his achievements would his achievements be ignored.

  • Devil_Rising

    He’ll never be in the HOF for the simple reason that it just wouldn’t look in good taste to put a murderer in there. And that really is too fucking bad. What he did is reprehensible, and for him to go from the “great guy” all his friends and family say he was, to the deranged maniac who took the time to kill his family and then himself over the course of a couple of days, is something else. It MUST have been dementia from too many concussions or something along those lines.

    But that will never change the fact that he was a great wrestler. If he had just killed himself, he’d be recognized as such. But what he did, the way he ended everything, while I don’t agree with WWE totally ignoring his existence, at the same time, I do understand it. It’s kind of hard to publicly acknowledge that “Hey, here’s a guy who was one of our top stars, and he killed his family!”.

  • KpNuttzLol

    For once I actually agree with Hardy. What Benoit did was unthinkable and terrible however, Benoit the character we saw on TV shouldn’t be punished for what the real person did. The fact remains regardless of how much Wwe try to distance themselves he still worked for them, won championships and gave it his all for the fans.

  • ant

    i hope they ban this troll ^^^

  • Bagwells neckbrace

    If beniot was in DWTS, they should call it Hanging with the stars.

  • poko

    Benoit was one of the best, and we the fans can remember and converse about him, but the WWE can’t touch him. They would run the risk of being roasted by the more sensationalist segments of the media. I could easily see The Sun or some of the lunatics on the cable news channels trying to stir controversy over the WWE “promoting a murderer for the sake of profit” or something. The smart business move would be to ignore him.

    I mean, seriously, I saw one of those political morons on Fox go after a children’s movie for having “a liberal agenda” of respecting nature. They’d have a field day over Benoit.

  • Best In The World

    I Really Miss Benoit in the ring along with eddie they left us to soon chris should be in the hall of fame he deserves it R.I.P. to both,

  • KGM da beast

    Let Benoit go, I was the biggest Benoit fan, even after the murders. Why because there’s more to the story than the eye can see and mouths can speak. Anyway, WWE is set in stone about Benoit. Fatt Lardy as the other comment said, is trying so hard to pull a Chyna. Note to Hardy, it made her look more desperate pulling the whole, WWE is a bully move. Even if they are bullies, u should’ve been more aware of ur contract if that’s the case. Either way it goes, u got ur wish to be done with WWE, so either be done or rebel for real. This one minute being a bad ass then next minute kissing ass shit sucks! Peace

  • GreasyRabbit75

    I was in attendance in Charlotte NC for Benoit’s final (to my knowledge) wrestling appearance. It ended in an in-ring staredown with CM Punk. I took a photo of it, and five years later it still seems almost iconic. I believe that Benoit’s final actions were horrible and forever tarnished his legacy, yes. But I also feel there has to be some middle ground to be found somewhere in remembering and recognizing his stellar in-ring work. Not a popular opinion, I know, but just how I feel.

  • chris benoit did do a really bad thing but wwe should still respect him and show him i would love him to be dlc for wwe’13 but that would probally not ever happen

  • yofits

    fatt lardy will not diet.

  • S_Napalm

    I certainly can’t blame WWE for blanking Benoit out, they were absolutely right to. Still, it’s hard sometimes to forget what he did in the ring.

    I remember the only time I saw him live back in 2005 against Mr Kennedy if I recall correctly at a WWE live event in Birmingham (England). Still have the picture my brother took of him in mid air delivering a flying headbutt to win the match.

  • cheesehandler

    hahahahaa….look at that poor poor man(hardy). trying to say anything to gamer a lil bit of attention….sad!

  • rko

    MH speaks truth. Obviously what benoit did was terrible, but he existed and was a legend in the ring.