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Hardy vs. Anderson Rematch Set, TNA Doing Away with X Division?, More

– Dixie Carter noted on Twitter that she would be in attendance for TNA’s upcoming tour of the UK.

– The rematch between TNA World Heavyweight Champion Mr. Anderson and Jeff Hardy will happen on the February 3rd episode of iMPACT.

– TNA officials have been considering doing away with the X Division. There’s no word yet on when the division would be scrapped altogether or if TNA will phase it out this year.

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  • Kim

    Yeah there are already reports that them doing away with the X division is not true.

  • charlemange

    If they plan to have all of these title rematches over the next few weeks what is going to happen at Against All Odds are they going to have the tounrament again it could be a good concept

  • Joe

    @fh, though Bischoff is pretty honest, he wouldn’t admit it was going away until they threw it away on television. Dixie is still in shock Hogan betrayed the fans again. She’s unreliable as a source.

  • adam

    that will be horrible then they mine as well get rid of the destination x ppv cause thats the hole point of that ppv. HOgan has killed tna the xdivision is the best part of tna or was the best part now i guess the machine guns are the best part but they were from the xdvision. You could see this coming though when they realsed the candian destroyer petey williams and sonjay dutt a while ago 2 of the best x-division wrestlers then they dropped chris danials as well. Hogan carter bitchoff doing away with the x-division will be awful then there is nothing to sepearte you that is what maid them different. The exciting x-division and the different 6 sided ring now its even more wcw jr. I mean hell new blood vs millionaires club is starting again except now its immortal vs main even mafia.

  • Valo487

    I can see why they’d do away with the X-Division, if they remove the most exciting part of TNA maybe the other crap won’t smell so bad.

  • Tom… Just Tom

    Do away with the thing that put the company and AJ Styles on the map. WAY TO GO TNA!!

  • fh

    Bischoff and Carter already stated that the reports about the scrapping of the X-Division are not true.

  • Jon-Jon

    It’s official, Hogan has completely ruined TNA. I started watching TNA in February of ’06 for the following..

    Christian was chammp
    The different talent
    The X-Division
    The Six-Sided ring
    The exciting matches
    The different types of matches

    Now let’s look at what’s happened to these..

    Pretty much gone
    Soon to be gone
    Pretty much gone
    Pretty much gone

    Balls to you Hogan.. Balls to you..

  • Shinobi

    TNA – The X Division = just another boring a.s.s. wrestling company.

  • Alan Wake

    Way to go TNA. Do away with the one other thing that seperated you from WWE.