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Hardy’s Injury Claim Reportedly False, Angle Sends Another Message To Orton

— Matt Hardy claimed last night on Twitter following TNA Lockdown that he may have fractured his arm during the Lethal Lockdown Match. He posted an update this morning, writing, “Wow.. Talk about being sore when you wake up.. My back & arm are killing me-I’m sure flying this morning will help, HaHa..”

Hardy’s claim, however, appears false as reporter Mike Johnson says that everyone he spoke to in TNA say that is not the case.

— Kurt Angle used the RKO on Jeff Jarrett during their two-out-of-three falls match at TNA Lockdown, and then went on Twitter to comment on using the maneuver, writing, “Orton, I used Your Finish as a sign of Respect. Not to get back at U. Respect!”

Angle has continued to call out Orton. He added the following this afternoon: “To Randy Orton, as You said- Imitation is a form of flattery. Know that I did that out of Respect. GOD Bless.”

— Hulk Hogan wrote the following on Twitter regarding TNA Lockdown: “TNA LOCKDOWN SET THE NEW STANDARD FOR WHAT A PPV SHOULD BE!!!!!!!!!!”


  • Nicholas G

    What it is with Randy Orton is he is not afraid of telling Kurt Angle an any of the other TNA wrestler bashing his company. Now Randy Orton not going to come on the internet bashing TNA. In fact Randy Orton has said many time he likes TNA. He just not going to let a punk like Angle tell false story saying he inveneted the ankle lock. Then he comes on the internet saying how is internet was hacked. Now we all know it wasn’t hack. It like Kurt Angle don’t even know what he is saying anymore. Like I said once already. I know many people think Angle can beat Randy Orton up in a real fight. But I tell you this Randy Orton might be able to take him on. Because Randy Orton was trained by the Marines and the know a thing or two about fights. So don’t think Randy Orton can’t handle his own when it comes to Angle.

    I just feel sad for how far a guy like Kurt Angle has fallen. An I don’t wish a Chris Benoit thing to happen to Kurt. In fact that is what I am afraid is going to happen in TNA if not Angle somebody. If they don’t get there drug problems under control. I am just saying why does Angle need to go so low. Maybe he should not only stop drinking but laid of the Hogan Kool Aid.

  • Matt

    funny thing is wwe technically ‘started it’ by using the ankle lock. also the last couple weeks orton has been doing the angle slam prolly just to piss kurt off.

  • JOE

    ^^^^^what a coincidence people feel the same way about you jackass!!!!

  • theviewtvshow

    wish kurt would benoit himself

  • adam

    @jushinliger— I like tna i just think its a shame were it has gone. I mean i liked it since it first got the tv deal and it was that little thing on fox sports channel or comcast sports net or whatever. When it was just an hour show. Also when it just jumped over to spike. But what hogan and all of those morons are doing to it is just awful. Espically now that there is talk hogan wants to wrestle again. I think like i said before they need to fire hogan bichoff and russo. They are better off with out them. But jarrett wont allow that to happen because after all those are 2 of the three that gave him the world title in wcw all those times.

  • jushin liger

    wow as I have commented in this TNA section here many of times, why are you WWE fanboys in this section if you hate TNA so much.If you don’t like it don’t watch it, simple as that.To be honest i was at the PPV last night and i thought it was pretty good.It was a “wrestling” fans PPV, not a “entertainment” fans lol.The storylines suck and the endings were rough, but so what most of the matches were great.Also I can’t believe you guys didn’t think the angle/jarrett match was f’n awesome.It went on for over 30mins with some great wrestling.I am going out on a limb and saying it was one of the best of the year so far.You could hear a pin drop for like 30 seconds when angle fell on his neck, It was nuts.I love both companies but I think lockdown had much better Wrestling than Wrestlemania.The mickie/madison match blew cuz it was too short and the championship match should have went on longer but overall alot more “wrestling” without all the Bullsh&t and thats all i ask for anymore.

  • I’m not a hardy fan by a longshot but matt damn sure knows his body better than anyone else! and I tend not to believe the “speaking to people within” bullshit anyway

  • Me

    Why are all these TNA wrestlers such Bullshitters?

  • Jay EZ

    The ending to lethal lockdown was pathetic…from out of no where Flair taps to a poorly done arm bar. What a random, and anti-climatic ending to a sub-par ppv. Immortal crap needs to end. TNA was better before the 10-10-10 Bound For Glory ppv. After Immortal took over, TNA has been crap.

  • Goku

    Is It Just Me Or Does Hogan Always Say The Following Phrase: “Setting The Standard”.
    The Only Standard They Are Setting Is The One Of Mediocrity.

  • adam

    Ok were are all the people who were blasting me because i riped on fatt hardy that he might seriously be hurt. Ya he was making shit up like he always does because like i said before he just wants to have people pay attention to him. As for angle he is kind of a douche i mean people always use other guys moves he should just relax. I didnt see the ppv cause i didnt feel like wasting my money but i doubt angle’s rko looked anywere near as good as Randy’s.

  • lew

    No matter what angle has done he will always be one of the best of all time and @ booker williams someone needs to crossface u to death since u think that shit is funny

  • erik

    hogan leave tna already you and flair are killing tna.

  • Booker Williams

    Kurt Angle needs to go ahead and Benoit himself and get off my tv.

  • misfit del rio

    @ stephen, no one watched that match.

  • rob

    man all this trash talk over twitter is really pathetic. hogan, angle, hardy, seem really desperate.

  • Joe

    Angle just sounds very bitter to me.

  • Dave

    Kurt Angle is a Grade A deuche bag. Stick to the old stuff Kurt. Younger stars like Orton can actually make the Olympic Slam look good when they rip it off.

  • Stephen

    Well if you watched it the match last night angle did the rko but did not do it very well Looked like a guy on the indies who just started out not a what 14 year veteran stick with the ankle lock