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More on The Hardys, Jeff Jarrett Keeps Karen in TNA’s Storylines, Angle Movie Trailer

– Below is the trailer for “Warrior” with Kurt Angle, which comes out in theaters this September:

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– In an update on yesterday’s report on Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy from The Wrestling Observer, they note today that someone close to the Hardys says nobody from TNA has suggested or told them to go to rehab and both are still on the suspended inactive list with no time set for either to return.

– Following the recent Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett feud, the plan was to take Karen Jarrett off TV. Jeff recently pushed for Karen to be kept in the TNA storylines and as of this week’s tapings, she will be sticking around for the time being.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • venom

    The Hardy Boys were great back in the day, but ever since Jeff’s drug bust, they both went downhill. Meth Hardy can’t give up the drugs and Fatt Hardy can’t give up the grapes and Big Macs. Fatt Hardy’s next finishing move should be called the Big Mac Attack. Plus you can see how immature these two idiots are with their videos.

  • ML

    I’m disappointed in both Matt and Jeff lately. I used to be huge fans of both of them and now look at them,even Amy(Lita) is doing better with her band than anything they’re doing.

  • Valo487

    Why keep them on the payroll if you’re not going to use them? Cut your losses and let them go, they’ve both burned their bridges with WWE, so they have nowhere else to go but the Indies, and the first time they no show or show up high they’re done there too. Maybe a little harsh reality will make them straighten up.