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Hart Family Member Says Jerry Lawler Was “Clinically Dead” For Twenty Minutes

Smith Hart, brother of WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart, says he was told by a friend backstage at Monday’s Raw at Centre Bell in Montreal, Quebec, Canada that Jerry Lawler was “clinically dead” for twenty minutes before being revived by a defibrillator.

He wrote on Twitter, “According to my friend Jeremy Prophet who was backstage at RAW, Jerry was clinically dead for 20 min before being brought back by defibrilat.”

According to the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation, clinical death is the medical term for cessation of blood circulation and breathing, which are two necessary criteria to sustain life. This occurs when the heart stops beating in a regular rhythm and is also known as cardiac arrest.

Hart noted that “it has been confirmed that Jerry did suffer a heart attack.” Since medical personnel were at ringside, Lawler was able to receive immediate treatment.

According to Wrestling Observer editor Dave Meltzer, Lawler remains in stable condition. He is breathing on his own and his heart is beating on its own, but is considered not out of danger.

  • Tombstone

    Very well said. That is exactly the point I was trying to make but you did a much better job of putting it to words.

  • Tombstone

    You are absolutely right. I stand corrected.

  • CC

    comparing the two situations is ridiculous. different eras, different situations.
    there has always gotta be some people who throw this shit out about the company rather than just pay respects to Lawler.
    talking shit about WWE or anyone else is just disrespectful at this time. simple fact is, I am sure that most wrestlers would want the show to continue if they died or had a serious health issue. the show must go on is the adage most performers will cling to.

    I dont like Cole, but there is no way he could continue once he knew the severity of Lawlers condition because he works so closely with him and was right next to him when it happened. The fact he stayed to do the updates speaks volumes for his actually strength.

  • Mc

    Would not necessarily cause brain damage a footballer called Muamba had a heart attack on the pitch and was clinically dead for 90 minutes and he is now perfectly fine all things considered so lets hope!

  • stunner

    agree because it was a ppv but owens tragedy dident happen at mania

  • Tombstone

    Want to know the difference between what happened to Jerry and why they considered stopping the show as opposed to what happened to Owen and why they did not? 1. This was monday night Raw, Not Wrestlemania! Raw is weekly WM is once a year. 2. WM is a pay per veiw that millions had paid to see. 3. Cole could not have been blamed if he had been unable to continue, he was sitting right beside Jerry and this was very traumatic.


    Prayers TO THE KING! Get better, heal up and forget wrestling health is # 1

  • Tombstone

    Thoughts and prayers to The King and his family and freinds.

  • As an EMT this makes me proud that they were able to bring him back!… These medics are awesome!

  • moo

    the forced Jeff Jarret and Mick Foley to wrestle right after Owen died and the were good friends of Owen too, Foley even said in his book that he was disturbed being in the ring where Owen died.

  • chuck norris

    people like @moo should just shut up.

    Wish jerry a speedy recovery.

  • art

    Wish him the best…king & jr are the best commentators ever….

  • Logan

    Get better King!

  • Jake

    They stopped commentary because the one commentator they had left was too shaken to continue. I mean he just saw one of his best friends collapse in front of him and thought he died anyone would struggle

  • moo

    Holy shit, this is real?, when I heard Cole talking I was like good god Cole is a shitty actor, and the shouldn’t say “this is not entertainment” when its a work, but yeh I guess its real, damn.

    And also how come the stop the commentary for this but when Owen Hart got splattered in the ring the kept going.

  • Jimbotron

    If he wasn’t breathing for 20 minutes, he would end up with brain damage.

  • wildeye

    come on King fight it.