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Hart, JR, Grisham & Others React to Lawler’s Health Scare

– Several wrestling personalities took to Twitter and commented on Jerry Lawler’s health scare at RAW last night. Here are some comments:

Maryse: “this is so sad, i cannot beleive Jerry Lawler had a heart attack during raw, pray for him…..”

Mickie James: “All my prayers & wishes go out my to my dear friend @JerryLawler & his loved ones tonight as he battles through this! Xoxo #PrayForLawler”

Devon: “my prayers go out to the jerry the king lawler . god is good and you will get thru this my friend”

Eric Young: “#prayforjerry good guy and always was great to me. Hope he is ok”

Al Snow: “My prayers are with my good friend Jerry Lawler I hope he is ok”

Daniels: “All positive thoughts and support for Jerry Lawler. Get well, King, you’ve many more matches to call, sir!”

Chris Masters: “man just heard about @JerryLawler.Hope your okay King.The wrestling world and beyond love you!”

Shane Helms: “While I’m sure people are gonna attach Lawler’s age while wrestling to his “possible” heart attack, however we should be thankful it happened at a WWE event with a trained medical staff on hand!!”

“Keep Lawler in your thoughts and prayers. The news I’m hearing is scary, that’s all I can say without being irresponsible. Just pray.”

Bret Hart: “Please keep Jerry Lawler in your thoughts and prayers #PrayForLawler”

The Blue Meanie: “Waitin to hear about Jerry brings back bad memories of when we all waited & prayed for Owen to be ok. 1 of the worst nights for all involved”

Mick Foley: “Tough to think about anything but The King..but Cena and Punk have put together an amazing segment under very difficult circumstances.”

Shawn Michaels: “I’ve just heard about Jerry Lawler!! Time for prayer everybody!! We’re here for you King, God Bless!!”

Todd Grisham: “Jerry Lawler was one of the nicest people I worked with @wwe.A great guy and good friend. I hope he pulls through ok.My prayers are with him”

Tommy Dreamer: “Going to bed I look fwd to tomorrow & hearing about how @JerryLawler pulled the strap down & blew an amazing comeback #PrayForLawler”

Jim Ross: “Never take 1 day of your life 4 granted. Said it many times, tomorrows aren’t guaranteed. Kings heart attack being treated. Lucky man so far”

Natalya: “Praying for Jerry Lawler tonight. He’s a true fighter and an awesome person.”

Lilian Garcia: “Am so shocked to hear about Jerry Lawler having a heart attack on Raw. PLEASE everyone pray for him 2 have a speedy recovery.”

Wade Barrett: “Best wishes to Jerry Lawler. Hope he makes a full and speedy recovery.”

Howard Finkel: “Just got off the Raw Live Chat. Please continue 2 pray for Jerry Lawler. All of us are a family under circumstances like this #PrayForJerry”

Scott Stanford: “Had a laugh with King today when he pulled in driving a red, hot rod rental mustang! He’ll be ok… the man is unstoppable!”

Ricardo Rodriguez: “Such a scary moment seeing it happen in front of my eyes. #PrayForJerry”

Summer Rae: “The professionalism of everyone on the show tonight was remarkable. C’mon Jerry…please be ok! #PrayForLawler #RAW”

Paige: “Amazing to the professionalism of the guys on the show tonight. Keep fighting jerry!!! #PrayForLawler”

Seth Rollins: “This is the worst. I hope Lawler’s ok…”

Jack Swagger: “Everyone in the @WWEUniverse unite for Jerry Lawler!!!! let’s show him how much he means to us.. #king #king #king”

Justin Roberts: “Physically at ringside, mentally with The King”

Kofi Kingston: “Pretty crazy atmosphere right now. Let’s all keep king in their thoughts and prayers.”

Derrick Bateman: “#PrayForLawler and while we’re at it #prayforeverone dealing with unfortunate circumstances and health.”

  • shelton

    come on jerry get up and fight again .

  • voice of reason

    upon hearing about jerry’s heart attack it took me back to the loss of eddie guerrero & the feeling i had that the wrestling would never be the same without him i went to bed now i am not a religious man but i went to bed and said a small prayer for jerry’s recovery now i hear he does not have any brain damage what a huge relief.

    get well soon jerry your far too young to leave us.

  • centerman

    We all Love Jerry and hope pulls through. My thought are with him. Prayers to imaginary people in the sky to magically fix Jerry however are pretty much just superstition.

  • r8tedme

    Tommy Dreamer had the best quote in my opinion!

  • In Jesus mighty name Jerry lawler will be healed and whole. And just like derrick bateman i declare everyone healed of any type of physical or mental pain because I know he isnt the only one. And i love how the Wwe universe has united in prayer and michael cole staying strong as well. So there is no way the king can’t get through this.

  • Swizzlestick

    Not much of a god believer but i pray for jerry to pull thro this…. King stay strong

  • me

    I hate his commentary but i’d never wish the man ill will, I just hope this shows WWE they can’t keep throwing 65 year old guys in matches.

    get well soon yo.

  • Lil Jimmy G

    Praying for you king. #Pray for lawler.

    Great professionalism by all superstars and everyone on Raw

  • CM Mark

    What misfit said. ^

  • Will Henderson

    another tweet from a WWE personallity, this time Raw GM AJ Lee chime in on it as well in her first real tweet in over a week:

    Thinking of Lawler. I’m sure he’d appreciate all of your well wishes. Stay strong, King.

    anyway, i would like to send my thoughts and prayers to The King and his family, maybe this could be a wake care to him and the other older wrestlers from the past to just hang it up while they are still alive, we almost had another “Mitsuharu Misawa” type tragedy tonight with King.

  • StudDog

    My family and I are praying for you Jerry! Fight like we all know you can! God bless you and your loved ones.

    SEMPER FI!!!

  • misfit del rio

    Godbless. And speedy recovery, come on Jerry were all praying for you