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Hart Says Taker vs. HHH at WrestleMania Was a “4 out of 10”

– From Arda Ocal:

Arda Ocal (@arda_ocal) of The Score Television Network, Baltimore Sun and Layfield Report spoke with former WWE Superstar Bret “HItman” Hart (@BretHart) AFTER his comments about Triple H made news.

In the interview, Ocal asks what he makes of these comments gaining a large amount of attention. Hart stands his ground, even goes further with his stance:

– Gives Triple H vs Undertaker a grade: “I said I’d give (Taker vs HHH at WrestleMania 28) a 4-out-of-10. I think that was generous.” and goes on to explain why

– “I wouldn’t put him in the top 1000 great wrestlers. To me he was very mediocre.”

– Questioning Triple H’s originality and contributions to pro wrestling

Also in the interview:

– comments on his appearance at the Montreal Screwjob panel at the Royal Rumble and if he’s sick of telling that story. “Sometimes in talking about it you get a new perspective on it.”

– says it doesn’t bother him that Shawn doesn’t really remember the incident. “It doesn’t surprise me. Shawn had his problems back then.”

– Having high praise for Alberto Del Rio and accepting his new nickname the “Canadian Del Rio”


    Brett was right about one thing….That match was one of the worst i had ever seen at wrestlemania! It was like watching 2 out of shape, elderly sloths try to show the youngins they still had something left in the tank…which they didn’t! It was a horribly slowed down pace and played more to a streetfight than actually wrestling ability. If you don’t believe me just go back and watch the match with the volume turned off and see it for what it was…not what the announcers were glossing! On the other hand i didnt agree with HHH not being considered a great wrestler. Based on his volume of work, in ring ability and willingness to put people over i would surely put him in the top 50 category. I mean surely brett realizes that 3 guys carried the company for half a decade or more and HHH was one of them…there isnt alot of guys who can handle that pressure and yet still perform at the highest level he could.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    I really don’t understand were all this disrespect is coming from Bret Hart. I know HHH can go up agaisnt the best of them anytime. Why you think Undertaker chose HHH twice in two years. It because Undertaker knows HHH can go and fight with the best of them. It not like Bret Hart has had many matches with HHH to begin to judge on how good HHH is in the ring. I respect Bret but he is way off with his comment for HHH. But it not like HHH is waiting for Bret Hart respect. All HHH does is keep on going why Bret Hart keeps on being bitter for no good reason.

  • Prince

    Agreed. He needs to learn to get over things. Probably feels that HHH took his spot. If he comments on things like this he needs to be unbiased.

  • Jack

    Bret Hart’s biggest fan is himself. Man he can be a mark sometimes. Great wrestler, but his attitude sucks when he talks like this.