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Hawkins Training with The Rock, Backstage Note on The Undertaker, RAW Next Week

– At next week’s RAW Supershow from Atlanta, WWE will be taping some matches for the go-home WrestleMania edition of SmackDown. The rest of SmackDown will be made up of footage from Axxess.

– Curt Hawkins has been the main guy training with The Rock to help get him in ring shape for the WrestleMania 28 match against John Cena.

– Back on the March 12th RAW Supershow, The Undertaker messed up and said WrestleMania was on April 21st instead of April 1st. It was noted that a sign of the respect that Taker has backstage was that not one talent publicly brought up the error. Had it been anyone else, there would have been several people making fun of them.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • ogitchida

    Taker just getting old..

  • Grimm

    I noticed undertaker said april 21st, first time round its not hard for people to miss a mess-up

  • Kawika

    @sammo I believe they really respect taker and not just out of fear. Unlike HHH taker has many storys of how he treats those around him with respect especially the younger guys. There was a story of when HHH was moved to smackdown how everyone hated it because of how they got treated by him and that they wanted taker back as he was seen as a mentor and to some as a father or elder figure who they could talk to and who would give them advice and help.

  • Jefferson D’Arcy

    Plus who would actually have the balls to rib Taker? Come on. Not even taking the stroke he has into consideration, or the respect you have to have for him. The guy’s fucking huge, and I wouldn’t want to piss him off. Although on the RAW replay they play on Wednesdays on mun2, that part was edited perfectly to where he said “April 1ST”, not the 21st. Nice little touch-up in the editing room.

  • Bill

    I hate to say it, but if Hawkins was smart, he’d suck up to The Rock & befriend him. Sadly, with backstage politics & friends in the business, you almost always have to have connections to make it big. Look at Sheamus, he made it big by being friends with Triple H. Imagine if Rock publically gave Curt Hawkins the thumbs up. It’s a shame, but it’s a fact.

  • rko

    Hawkins is training with the Rock. That means he’s rock “sparring” partner. Why would the rock need training from a jobber?

  • Sammo

    It’s not just a matter of respect that people weren’t making fun of The Undertaker for messing up… I’d say it’s more a matter that they’d risk being fired!

    It’s exactly the same to accept that nobody backstage makes fun of Vince McMahon or HHH whne they mess up.

  • I’ve been in the danger zone

    Maybe now he can actually get a respectable push and some matches on tv lol. It’s got to get old being around that long and still be doing dark match squashes to Brodis clay and mason ryan…

  • Whocares

    “ok curt. You just lay your candy ass on the ground while the Rock bounces off the ropes and hits the #peopleselbow”

  • heyfit

    Curt Hawkings, oh it’s real it’s damn real.

  • DJK

    No Curt Hawkins is the guy the Rock is beating up.