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HBK & Austin Meeting This Week, Update on Punk vs. Jericho at WrestleMania, Hardy

– Matt Hardy and Reby Sky will be appearing at the MCW Pro Wrestling event in Alliance, Ohio this Friday night at 7pm.

– Steve Austin revealed on his blog that he is headed back to the ranch this week to meet Shawn Michaels and his MacMillan River Adventures crew. Austin and Michaels will be hunting for the upcoming season of Shawn’s show on the Outdoor Channel.

– As noted before, word is that The Rock vs. John Cena will close WrestleMania while The Undertaker vs. Triple H will go somewhere in the middle and CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho has been discussed to open the show.

A possible scenario for this would be Jericho coming out to kick off the show and cut a promo about how he doesn’t want to wait for the main event and doesn’t want to wait to beat Punk.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • shawn

    @CM Mark hopefully the CM Punk’s dad thing will be good. hire an actor and have him punched in the face. ha, just as long the match between your boy the champ vs Jericho is substantial and near perfect, then good. what ruins the tv shows for me are the promotional stuff and recaps (to a%).

  • Jefferson D’Arcy

    I think Rhodes vs. Show for the IC title should open the show. NO world title match should ever go on first. That’s why I thought it was shitty that Edge vs. Del Rio last year opened the show. And I thought it was even shittier that it would end up being Edge’s last match. Yeah, awesome he went out as champion, but curtain-jerking at ‘Mania? Edge deserved better. Bryan vs. Sheamus should be like 3rd on the card, then the Cell match a match or two after, then WWE title match, then Cena vs. Rock. Although I think Triple H vs. Taker should close the show, because how do you follow a Cell match? But it’s painfully obvious they’re going to have Cena and Rock go on last.

  • Wellsy

    The title match as a main event began to lose all meaning when they introduced two world titles. That, and they began to build up wrestling the Undertaker as more important than wrestling for a championship.

    For me, they should have a champion vs champion match to main event Wrestlemania each year, with the winner taking all and defending each title separately, so if they get beat, they only lose one belt (to whatever brand the person that beats them is on). That way, Wrestlemania is the only time you can become undisputed champion, and thus makes it special.

    It is a travesty to the business that the biggest match on the biggest stage isn’t even for the biggest prize, and all that says to me is that the biggest prize isn’t worth that much anymore. They’ve diluted its meaning by having two championship main events.

  • nick

    NONE OF THE MAIN EVENTS SHOULD START THE SHOW!!!… Let the GM tag match start it, then ic title, etc…

  • Jay

    Wrestlemania is about the world title shot, both championship matches should end the show…before that should be Rock/Cena and fourth should be HHH/Taker

  • CM Mark

    Hasn’t been that way since Cena vs Punk ended though. I’d much rather see more Cena vs. Punk than any of this other crap.

    Jerich and Punk could be good, but the buildup just isn’t there. I was really looking forward to it. Maybe there is still time to get a promo or two in.

    @Kamala’s foot
    It wouldn’t suprise me.

  • Jimbo

    If you ask me, all the feuds are lacking. There’s no “oomph” to them. The combatants just trade words and insults. Nothing big is happening.

  • TS93

    The WWE title match should go last. Y2j/HHH followed rock/hogan and idc what any1 says that match was way bigger than rock/cena will be. If anything Sheamus/Bryan should be first cuz its a recycled wrestlemania match and hasnt really gotten much hype other than D Bryan is a shitty “boyfriend” to aj

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow.

    Sheamus and Bryan should open, and no doubt Rock/Cena should be last. Taker/HHH should be third to last with filler in-between that and Rock/Cena. Punk/Y2J is a bit tricky (No way in hell it should open), I’d say somewhere in the middle, 4th at the earliest.

  • Whalebosk

    Terrible. These two deserve so much better.