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– Former WWE superstar Shawn Michaels has commented on his former student Daniel Bryan’s return to the company at SummerSlam. Michaels wrote on Twitter:

“So Bryan is back,” Michaels said. “All I can say is wise move by WWE. You just don’t leave that kind of talent out there. Happy for all parties. By the way, was this whole thing a scam? It got me. At the end of the day, who cares? Things are as they should be. That’s far more important.”

– TMZ.com caught up with Triple H over the weekend in Los Angeles at an event for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, which he is now working with. Triple H told TMZ that back in 2005 when WWE was overseas in England, the WWE crew got into a big brawl with a group of drunken kickboxers. Triple H says when the WWE superstars got back to their hotel, the kickboxers were waiting for them and wanted to fight. Local newspapers reported on the story in the days after the incident and wrote that the WWE superstars destroyed the kickboxers – which Triple H says is absolutely true.

  • Nicholas G

    @Me If you don’t care what HHH has to say why are you even commenting. To me if you didn’t care what HHH has to say you would have just left the whole topic alone.

  • Gimmick Guy

    we’re all inside triple h’s nose as boogers….

  • ox shoot slang

    lmao you an hate on triple h all you want i bet he would kick your ass 😀

  • kill cena

    Who cares if he’s not marketable, he can actually wrestle for god damn it.

  • powerbombin midgets

    fire his lil punk ass for good damn it….lil shit is not marketable

  • Hurricane Hartman

    I hate it when people use the word fight in pro wrestling. “Don’t bury him with fights with low mid-carders”. They are not fights, its not real people, if they were Danielson would prolly be getting the s.h.i.t kicked out of him by Jose Aldo in the WEC.

  • Lazytrout

    @darryl the 90 day no compete clause only applies if he goes to tna he was free to wrestle for indie feds as long as they had no tv shows

  • darryl

    I was reading Months ago, Days after he was Fired. that Bryan was using NXT Music than, switching it back to his Old Music. I also thought there was a No Compete Clause In all WWE Contracts. Like he wasn’t allowed to Wrestle For 90 Days. Either Way When I read that I told My Brother. Somethings Fishy Bryan Danielson Will be back. Too Bad You cant Bet On Pro Wrestling.

  • TnT

    Wow Triple H is more of a loser then what i thought. Does he still think that we don’t know pro wrestlers are fake and have no balls to fight real fighters. They must of been so damn f**king drunk that they couldn’t fight steroid fake sissies.

  • shredder

    clever move by WWE…
    daniel bryan could be the new face of WWE he just need the right push… so please please creative team dont bury him with fights with mid-low carders… it would be awesome to see daniel winning the us champion then going into a feud against evan bourne losing to him so bourne could actually have his push too… and then bryan vs the WWE champion… with no PG rating… keep dreaming

  • Soulshroude

    I care what Paul has to say.. I like him, he has always been one of my top five.

  • i dont care

    so kickboxers vs the steroid brigade
    whys he bringing it up again 5 years later anyway, daniel bryan is the news and he feels left out or what
    Anyway daniel bryan was great at Summerslam…wrestled better than cena with no shoulder barges in sight

  • me 2

    guy above me is a wanna b

  • me

    triple h can fuc off nobody cares what he has to say, also i personally want to find out if the firing was real or a work.

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