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HBK & Nash Comment on Hall, Report from Lita Appearance, Mysterio News

– Shawn Michaels wrote the following on Twitter about Scott Hall: “A lot of people have asked about Scott Hall. Simply put, its a private matter. He is getting help. All of us want the best 4 him.”

– Kevin Nash has also commented more on his friend Hall with the following message on Sunday: “Talked to Scott today,told him how many of you are upset.He is resting in a hospital,and had me laughing.Thought he was in the UK last nite.”

– Rey Mysterio was in attendance for the Strikeforce: Diaz vs. Daley event this past weekend in San Diego.

– Diva Dirt reports that Amy “Lita” Dumas told a fan to “keep his eyes peeled” when asked about a return to the ring during an autograph signing in Middletown, New York this weekend.

  • Keyla

    Lita is pretty much my favorite diva ever, so If this is true, I will literally die. 😀

  • Enough is enough.
    Fcuk you Hall,you’re pathetic and have lost my respect forever.

  • blah

    That was a awesome fight Nick Diaz had on sat nite.
    Daly dropped him but Diaz is one bad motherfucka.

  • !?

    I’m” surprised that Lita even still associates herself with wrestling, from what I hear all the time is that she acts like she never wants to be anywhere wrestling oriented(like at this recent Wrestlemania Access for example.) Anyways, I still wish her the best.

    I really do hope that Scott Hall gets himself together, I am not judgmental so I won’t comment on what led to his condition (drugs or otherwise), only thing I care about is this guy finding happiness and getting his act together. Personal Demons are a b***h to kill.