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HBK Raffle Raises Almost $60k, Jericho Responds to Hall/Zbyszko Video

– Chris Jericho wrote the following on Twitter in response to Scott Hall’s new video where he and Larry Zbyszko talk trash about him:

“Everybody make sure to check out this weeks Last Call With Scott Hall. Top entertainment! Haven’t laughed this hard in ages… Thx guys! :)”

– Shawn Michaels revealed on Twitter that his recent WrestleMania 27 raffle raised almost $60,000 for charity. He wrote:

“I cannot thank you all enough 4 helping out. Fact!! It just doesn’t happen w/out each & everyone of you. As always, I owe you. Thx. I want 2 let u all know I just got word we grossed close 2 60K on the raffle. THANK YOU!! That money is going 2 do sum GOOD!! Pardon the pandering, but dang it, thank you. I hope u will get how much ur needed!! By me, by somebody,somewhere. Mushy but true. I’ll try not 2b sentimental to much, but I can’t help it. That is just cool!! And u guys/gals did that. Thank you. OK, I’m done:-)”

  • mark

    Y2J is great, zybysko/hall suck end of story

  • E

    @ CC, Watch out dave might go to GLAAD and cry like a girl that u called him gay.

  • E

    I do believe some of what zbitcho said and hall puttin him over and to get dissed by jerko like that in a book. Thats tastless hall had orders to squash jerko but he didnt. Also I think he didnt want address it because some of was true. Jerko had everything handed to him and just like that he leaves then he cames back and leaves again. What a ass clown.

  • CC

    Looks like Dave is still looking for a boyfriend, and is projecting his own homosexuality on others in hope that they will fall for his gay ways.

    Anyway, perfect comeback from Jericho.
    Instead of rising to the bait like they hoped, he has laughed them off like the useless waste of skin and organs that they are.

  • dave

    i wonder is jercho spits or swallows? by the way gay-aids

  • elvisD

    I use to love Hall, but he is an over rated drunk ass has been that had everything handed to him on a silver platter and he shat on everything, and Zbyszko has little or no credibility to his name, no names, has beens that shat on their legacy, on their fans and have nothing but jealousy to add to their life, jericho 1 , drunk asses 0

  • andy

    ha, jericho basically just jobbed out hall and zbyszko, after they clearly went to so much effort to get a rise out of him, brilliant move by CJ

  • Valo487

    Jericho handled it perfectly, why would he be bothered by the ranting of two drunk has-beens?

  • Hunter

    Neither Zbyszko or Scott Hall should comment on CJ. Both have been caught in drunken states enough on video, whilst Y2J continues to build a career within and outside of the ring. His work in the 3 years previous to his current hiatus was some of the best we have seen in the WWE/F.

    Scott Hall/Razor was fantastic in the 90’s, but him then, to recent Jericho, isn’t even comparable. Jealousy well and truely kicked in!