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HBK-RAW Update, WWE Turning Taker Accident Into Angle?

Partial source:

– WWE announced today that Shawn Michaels will be on RAW tonight from Indianapolis to explain his action last night where he cost The Undertaker the World Heavyweight Title at Elimination Chamber.

– There was talk last night of claiming that Shawn Michaels was involved in the pyro accident with The Undertaker, turning it into a storyline. One of the factors in them using it as an angle was going to be if they had an impressive looking camera angle or not.

  • mr ching wing

    u got to take the pain if you are not ashamed

  • not so bad

    bad spelling yes, bad grammer .. not so much. think of “aight?” like “kapeesh?” or even “do you understand?”

  • Spy

    Lol Tommy, that’s a good point. Destruction please keep your bad grammer and terrible opinion to yourself.

  • Tommy

    Destruction G says, Mark, u r retarded. It wasn’t a near death sittation aight?

    It would appear you are the retard, as why would you put a question mark at the end of an answer ?

  • baddog_1_2k

    so wwe creative obviously has nothing for the hbk taker storyline now. they figure they got locky with the deadman almost being set on fire.

  • jim

    this is stupid.why would HBK want to do that to taker.if he wanted taker at mania so bad why would he try to kill him.duh he wouldnt be able to wrestle at mania burned to a crisp.imo i think this is some smark who’s imagination ran wild.hey what if hbk did it.i mean common this is stupid if they do it.

  • Guess Who

    Once again… You are witnessing WWE Creative at there best!

  • darryl

    lol best line I heard all day about this was from some Slapnut on Youtube, ” now he knows how Kane Feels”

  • Destruction G

    Mark, u r retarded. It wasn’t a near death sittation aight? And the fact is he’s fine n if he don’t hav a prob wid it, y cnt they

  • mark

    how silly to use this near death situation as a storyline. they need to find out what happened than turning it into a silly storyline. he could have been killed.

  • Joey

    That would be a great idea, godd way to turn something negative into a positive. WWE has a habit of doing this lets hope they dont screw it up.