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HBK Reunites with Old Friends in Atlanta, Vince Presents His WWE HOF Ring

– As noted before, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Sean Waltman and Kevin Nash reunited after Shawn’s WWE Hall of Fame induction speech in Atlanta last night. Below is fan footage of The Kliq reunion at the Hall and WWE’s footage of The Kliq reunion backstage:

– WWE has released footage of an emotional Vince McMahon presenting Shawn Michaels with his WWE Hall of Fame ring last night. As you can see, Shawn was very nervous before his induction:

  • erik

    who cares about miz he was a joke reality star and wwe made him a joke champion.

  • Truthiness


    They deny it but it’s been public knowledge for a long time.

  • !?

    Good God I wish Scott Hall was there man.

  • leedraven

    I noticed Maryse sitting next to the Miz at the hof . Are they dating in real life?

  • The_Electrifying_One

    Shawn might not have always liked what Vince asked him to do. And Vince may not have always liked what Shawn did, but good god that is a huge show of the respect they obviously have for each other.

  • The Stone Cold Truth

    That was a great moment with Shawn and Vince. There is so much history there and you can tell Vince is grateful for everything Shawn has done for the Business.

  • Richard

    Wow it’s not often you see Vince choked up.