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- Shawn Michaels, who puts his career on the line this weekend at WrestleMania against the Undertaker’s undefeated streak, appeared on Atlanta’s 790 The Zone Sports Radio this morning and spoke about reports from a popular news website that he plans on leaving WWE shortly after WrestleMania XXVI and thus, will be losing against the Undertaker on Sunday. Michaels said:

“That’s the situation that I’m in. The career is on the line, so I guess I say ground breaking news by them I guess. That is the match at Wrestlemania, the career versus the streak. It’s one of those things that’s bitter-sweet. Obviously I want to be the one guy to beat the streak. I think that if anyone can, I’m the one, but you have to be willing to put it all out there. If things don’t go my way, I still have a great deal of peace and I can look back on a career that I’m very proud of.”

It’s worth noting that in the new issue of WWE Magazine, there’s an interview with Shawn Michaels, who is asked about retirement. Michaels cryptically said, “I have my retirement set already. I have been thinking of my retirement for a long time now.”

During the 790 The Zone interview, Michaels also spoke about his return to WWE back in 2002 after being out of action with a back injury for over 4 years. Despite the fact that he already had a Hall of Fame career before he left WWE in 1998, he was told that the new generation of WWE fans might not even know who he was and WWE felt they needed to reintroduce him to everybody. He said:

“Yeah, and that’s the sort of thing that as you’re doing it, I can remember coming back in 2002 and them informing me that ‘hey, you almost need to reintroduce yourself’, because there is a whole other generation. On one hand, you want to be a little offended by that. You say ‘come on, I’m not the end all, be all, but I’m Shawn Michaels.’ But to really understand that there is a whole other generation that you now have to appeal to and you do appeal to. When you see the little guys hanging over the rails at the show, you do realize that. You’ve got their dads who watched you, and now they’re watching you.”

  • mark

    Ive got a feeling hbk will loose to taker and then cost bret his match with vince so he can keep his career.

  • John

    To devil_rising you say hogans the most popular which is true but he is now the most hated person also in the wrestling business btw but i have to admit he was like the muhammad ali of wrestling but wat killed him for me was wen jeff jarret lay down and hogan walked out fairplay 4 him walking out but now hes joined TNA and gd chance hell walk out of there too nt too long b4 hogans TNA world champion.

  • ¿|¿

    Yeah, hes the best at stepping on toes to get where hes at.

  • twiztidjuggalo


  • Nick McCune

    wish they would have HHH Vs Cena Carrer Vs Carrer so we could ger rid of atleast one of them

  • Devil_Rising

    “HBK, the greatest to step in a wrestling ring”? Really?

    He’s good, no doubt.

    But extremely overrated. There was never a time when he was THE top star of the WWF. During his prime, Bret Hart was THE guy carrying the company on his back in that mid-90s, Post-Hogan era. And when Bret was uncerimoniously screwed on his way out (by HBK) of the WWF, by the time that came about, and he was popular even as a bad guy, Stone Cold was the new rising star. The new Top Guy.

    So all this talk about him being the best ever? Nah. There were others who introduced the high flying style to America before him, like Ricky Steamboat, Randy Savage, and the Dynamite Kid. There were a thousand other guys who already had the cheesy “hearthrob” character before him. And quite honestly, there are many many, far better WRESTLERS than him.

    Not to dis the guy…but all of WWE’s hype about him being “The best ever” or whatever, are not true. They were saying the same thing about Flair on his way out, which also wasn’t true. It was all “in the moment” hype. Just like every time Stone Cold comes back around, they call him the most popular wrestler of all time…..which again, isn’t true. Bruno Sammartino was THE top draw for two straight decades. Andre the Giant was well known around the world, and the first pro wrestler to be recognized in official sports media outlets in the modern era. And Hulk Hogan, without doubt, was and still is THE single most popular figure in pro wrestling history.

    Besides….HBK is losing on Sunday.

  • Jeff

    now we all know that HBK will lose

  • Dustin

    @Wrestling Guru #1

    lmao. Awesome.

  • Wrestling Guru #1

    Finally!! It will be Janetty’s turn!!

  • kt

    cant wait till after wrestlemania no more hbk woot

  • R8Ted ME

    if he retire from the ring, he need to be in a commissioner’s role like he was in the attitude era. He need to be the GM of Raw! and just wrestle for major events like royal rumble wrestlemania and summer slam.

  • RV

    HBK, the greatest to ever step foot in a wrestling ring. I really hope he doesn’t loose…

  • Thumper

    Long Live HBK! He will lose at WM but it will NOT be his last match. No way.

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