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HBK Superkicks a Mascot


HBK superkicks a mascot!

  • Mike

    If this picture is fake then i’ll eat my own KISS tickets for May 12th and May 13th 2010……

    By the way ppl click this link and watch…


  • Ryan

    Good ol’ HBK. Give that giant Bobcat some sweet chin music. maybe it’ll knock some sense into it….

    Oh by the way. You know whos from charlotte. I’ll give you a hint.

  • KNuckeLSaNDwicH

    Actually this is real.. HBK and his wife were courtside when san antonio played charlotte in mid december and he gave the bobcats mascot some chin music

  • seanwdragon

    regardless if real, it’s still a funny image

  • Unkown

    obviously this pic is fake, its doesnt even looks like HBK

  • baddog_1_2k

    the show stopper..the main event…MR wrestlemania beat up a mascot at a spurs game LOL I love it

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