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PAIGE and AJ LEE Ass Pics *Must-See*

  • John

    Same exact motions as last year. And why is he wearing a DX shirt and DX tights if he’s not with HHH or entering to “Break it Down”? Like last year he should just wear an HBK shirt. Anyway its not a big problem Im just happy HBK is in this game.

    It’s also cool that they’ve finally added the tunnel entrance videos.

  • JOutlaw


    Because if he was wearing the stuff from the 90′s then WWE wouldn’t be getting the free marketing for the merchandise that they are still selling today.

    He might be gone but they probably still have a lot of stock of those t-shirts that they want to dump onto kids and because they can’t have him and HHH doing stupid skits promoting their merchandise, this is a cheap alternative way of doing it

  • Andy

    I will accept this if he is on the active roaster. BUT if he is a “legend” you have to unlock why doesn’t he come out with the stuff he wore in the 90s?

  • Robbie Williams

    Looks like a nice game