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Heat from Agents on a WWE Star’s Push, Recent WWE Attendance Figures, More

– Here are some recent WWE attendance figures from overseas:

* RAW on November 2nd in Dublin drew 7,000 fans for $545,000
* SmackDown on November 3rd in Bilbao, Spain drew 4,000 fans for $200,000
* RAW on November 3rd in Nantes, France drew 4,700 fans for $325,000
* RAW on November 4th in Amneville, France drew 5,800 fans for $420,000
* SmackDown on November 4th in Graz, Austria drew 2,600 fans for $215,000
* RAW on November 5th in Manchester drew 12,600 fans for $650,000
* SmackDown on November 5th in Vienna, Austria drew 4,000 fans for $375,000
* RAW on November 6th in Sheffield drew 7,500 fans for $420,000
* SmackDown on November 6th in Cardiff, Wales drew 4,600 fans for $280,000
* SmackDown on November 7th in Birmingham drew 7,000 for $380,000

– The October 17th RAW Supershow had 408,000 homes watching on DVR or tape delay, which would have been 11.6% of the total viewership.

– Some of the agents in WWE are quietly complaining about the push of Mason Ryan.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • JK Thunder

    I agree. Mason Ryan is not a burn-out like Heath Slater, a botcher like Sin Cara, an ass-kisser like Cena…and the list goes on. What Mason Ryan is is the equivalent of the players in the United Football League. The players in the UFL don’t give a shit about money and contracts and merchandise, they care about the sport. Mason Ryan gives his passion for the business and has not been corrupted yet. Yes, you dumb tools, he does resemble Batista in look and body size. Fine. Get over it. Bitching about it, calling him Batista Jr. and the like got old 2 days after you started doing it. He is just trying to make it in the business. Go suck on that for a while see how it feels.

  • venom

    I don’t understand all of this hate on Ryan. I would say he is average on wrestling. It’s not like he is messing up like Sin Cara. McMahon gives these guys a push because they look like they can win a real fight.

  • Dystre Fjell

    Vince sure loves his muscled men. Mason sucks donkey balls, and that’s a fact. Batista wrestled way better than that jacked up beefhead, and that says a lot.

  • JIR

    doesn’t matter what agents want its Vinces call and we all know he loves them bodybuilder types

  • Effmenow

    I think we all are complaining about Mason Ryan.