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Heath Slater Chats with Santino, Beth Phoenix Update, Ryder vs. Eve Continues

– In the latest episode of Santino Marella’s Foreign Exchange, Heath Slater sits down and speaks about his feud with Flo Rida:

– WWE Diva Beth Phoenix posted a photo of her at a doctor’s office for an MRI this weekend. Sources still insist that the injury is all part of the storylines. She wrote the following about her Extreme Rules match:

“I have been given my rematch this Sunday. Even if I have to wrestle on one leg, I can STILL beat @thebellatwins and win my title back.”

– We noted before that Zack Ryder complaining on Twitter about WWE editing his YouTube videos was likely part of a new storyline. After Ryder complained again this week about his show being edited, Eve Torres replied and said she was the one who suggested Ryder’s video get censored.

  • shorty

    eve is a hoeski

  • SYM

    Eve is boring. Laurinitas should put Eve in a Hogan Sex Tape Match (With X-Pacs theme in the Background)

  • Buttercastle

    What a hoeski.

    As for what Beth said about beating the Bella’s on one leg, that wouldn’t surprise me at all.