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Heath Slater Interview – Wrestling Vader On Raw, His Future In WWE, Social Media

Heath Slater joined Washington Redskins defensive end Adam Carriker and Chuck Carroll on this week’s “4th & Pain” — the only pro wrestling show hosted by an NFL player.

It was Carriker’s first time being on the other side of an interview and actually ASKING the questions.

Slater talked a lot about facing Vader on last Monday’s RAW. Like Carroll, he was scared of Vader growing up. That big smoke-shooting helmet he’d wear to the ring was frightening.

He also talked about his goals for the second half of 2012 and how he’s able to keep his name out in the WWE Universe when he’s not necessarily getting as much TV time as he’d hope for.

The full interview with Slater can be heard at:

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What it was like to face Vader: “I guess it was bittersweet, you could say. Growing up watching him I was scared to death and I had to get in the ring with him. I’ve been trained and everything and it’s like the only thing I’ve ever remember him by is destroying people, as you can see he pretty much destroyed me, but we don’t really have to talk to in on that . . . it was one of those things, he’s like 6-5, close to 400 pounds and here I am 6-3, 230 looking good, but the fact of the matter is he’s a mastodon of mayhem and I’m just the southern rock band trying to play a tune on his head and I just couldn’t get my tune right.”

Whether Vader has lost a step: “Honestly, he can still hit as hard as he could. And judging by the people’s response, they started chanting ‘You still go it.’ So, I guess the WWE Universe . . . they think he’s still has it. You never really know. He did beat me, so what can I say?”

Coming up short in the match: “Honestly, deep down inside I was giving my best, but it was just too much man for me to handle, I guess.”

Watching Vader as a child: “I was just like you as a little kid, you know, scared to death to see it. So, no, I’m glad he didn’t wear it. I probably would left the ring and ran out!

“It’s like one of those things, you were scared to death of his as a kid, and here I am in the ring looking at him coming down the ramp and the people going crazy and everything… It’s just like the goose bump feelings when you get that little knot in your throat. You’re just like, ‘Oh my God this is really happening.’ Like, I might as well just swallow my pride and give it my all.”

Predictions for his career in the second half of 2012: “I’m hoping to just stay around and get my (Intercontinental Championship) title shot against my old pro, Christian, and become a champion by the end of the year. But then again, you never know where the ball drops or falls with this company in WWE. I’m just keeping my head up and swinging the bat as many times as a I can. If the ball ever comes in my court I’m going to grab it and take off running as far and as fast as I can with it.”

Keeping his name visible “That’s what social media is for, I’m guessing. You don’t really know when and where they’re going to put you or where you’re going to be. So, you’ve got to just keep up with Twitter and Facebook to keep your name fresh out there and try to just get in when you can.”

  • False Idol

    O.k, so we have seen Slater as ‘this joke’ charachter he’s playing now, a bad guy in a group. I would seriously like to see him just be a normal wrestler and see what he can do. I think he definitely has great potential to be a middle card champ!

  • Little Jimmy

    He should become the guitar toting, tobacco chewing and moonshine swigging ginger version of SCSA. I’d like WWE to give him a drunken hillbilly gimmick, He’d be over much more. Hornswoggle should become his Brother and Bodyguard. Who A drunken Heath often mistakes as a guitar so hits he hits hornswoggle on the head of his opposition without getting a DQ finish and in turn winning him most matches. His entrance should be himself and Hornswoggle playing dueling banjos on the tron or if he’s unable to stand due to severe intoxication Hornswoggle pushes him down to the ring in a wheel barrow. The Great Khali in a cowboy hat and chaps is his brother who does the bodyguard duty if Hornswoggle is also drunk.

  • Tyler(:

    and poko, you’re just butthurt because I called CM Punk overrated, my opinion, and I never try to be funny at all, I’m serious in all my posts.

    3 Tyler’s on this site genius’ might wanna add the (: to my name.

  • Straight-edge

    i honestly like heath slater i hope he ends up droping this one rock band persona and get serious. i think he could make a decent ic champ or a decent us champ one day. but, he has to get serious. he makes his self look like a joke with the rock band gimmick

  • Tyler(:

    I haven’t even commented yet SYM fool.

    But anyway I do like Heath Slater, just really bland in my opinion, maybe make him a tag team wrestler for a while?

  • Maxwell

    ^coming from you? haha you not only try to be funny, but you make horrible points. HORRIBLE!

  • poko

    true that SYM, tyler is a dick, who is never funny and has developed a cyber love for you :S

  • centerman

    I like the fact that he sold Vader in the match and the interview.

  • TheSheepDog

    Like or dislike him, at least he is one of younger guys not being pissy, bitching about legends and demanding unjustified opportunities. So for that i give him credit.

  • SYM

    Tyler trys to hard to be funny

  • Bill

    If Slater lightened up on the rockband gimmick & maybe went back to his “Black or White” theme, he’d actually make a great Intercontinental Champion.

  • Maxwell

    I hope one day, I run into this guy…only at Wendys.

  • Maxwell

    I don’t like this guy..maybe he will change that down the road.