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Helms Mugshot Shown on ECW, WWE’s NXT Name Already Used, More

– The dark match after last night’s SmackDown tapings in Memphis saw The Undertaker defeat Batista in a match that saw run-ins from Chris Jericho, Matt Hardy, Rey Mysterio and CM Punk.

– Hurricane Helms worked last night’s ECW in interview with William Regal & Ezekiel Jackson that saw him get beat down. Helms’ incident last week was brought up in the opening segment of ECW where his mugshot photo was shown on the big screen. Several references to Helms’ arrest were made throughout the show but there was never a mention of what he was actually charged with or Chris Jericho.

– Steve Wilson sent word that there is a wrestling company out of Scotland called NXT for NXT Generation, the same name for WWE’s new SyFy show on Tuesday nights. The company has been around since 2008 with regular shows and has their own wrestling school and DVD’s.

  • DK Monster

    I hope Christian will finally get pushed as a main eventer
    on either Raw or Smackdown now. It’s about time!!

  • Devil_Rising

    Why would anyone on here be berating Helms? He’s never been anything but a class act in the ring and to the fans. So stuff the bad attitude.

    He is a great wrestler, and seems like a great guy. I’m sure each and every one of you have gotten crazy drunk and done something stupid as well, and all he did was “play fight” with Jericho in the backseat of a cab. So what?

  • Jay B

    I liked Helms when he revolted against the super hero gimmick and played a cocky role. I once thought he’d have trouble getting over as anything other than the Hurricane, but he did it. He’s a talented wrestler and became once of my favorites before he missed all that time with the injury.

    As for the new Tuesday night show…all the leaked details sound like the format will stay the same. Everyone knows what ECW is at this point, so I don’t see any reason to change the name, the set, or much else. My biggest concern is what they’ll do with the ECW title.

  • Forever

    Helms leave wwe & come to TNA. The X-Division would be a great fit for you.

  • James Robert (a.k.a. Jim Bob)

    I’m not feeling the NXT moniker. Hopefully WWE is just throwing us for a loop with this one. Actually, I read somewhere that WWE has trademarked the name NXT, but when I did a search I couldn’t find it. Either that’s just a rumor or, most likely, I just missed it.

  • alicia

    um everyone. helms ran from the police and hit the girl regardless of it being a play fight. all jericho was charged with was bring drunk in public….u all complain to much. i dont think anyone on this site is a real wrestling fan cause every day when i come on here no one is ever happy. i love wrestling for wrestling regardless if its the best product i have ever seen. the only thing i ever hear anymore on this site is everyone complaining.

  • Nick

    I don’t think it matters if they have it copyrighted. Google “NXT;” everything from Legos to crossbows come up.

  • Dustin

    Are mugshots PG? lol

  • biggdogg40509

    why call it “punishment”? it obviously gave them something they could throw into a storyline.
    they can spin it or whatever, the smart people know what all details are out about the incident. I just see it as WWE, etc taking advantage of the situation for tv purposes.
    If Helms didn’t like it, I am more than sure he knows where the door is…

  • Rob

    I believe the reason Helms is getting punished and Jericho isn’t is mainly because Helms was the cause of the whole incident and not Jericho . . .I mean Matt Hardy fleed the scene and they haven’t even mentioned anything about him . . .

  • tRey2k

    typical McMahon bullsh!t..

  • Scooter

    This is disgusting I get punishing Helms for what he did but what about Jericho just cause he’s a bigger star he’s above this punish them both or punish neither of them get you’re head out you’re ass Vince!

  • Keith Learmonth

    They’d want to hope they own copyright on that, or they’re stuffed.