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Herb Dean Discusses His Decision To Stop Hendo vs. Fedor

Although a small debate followed the main event of Strikeforce this past weekend that featured Dan Henderson taking on Fedor Emelianenko, the man closet to the action, Herb Dean, discussed his decision to stop the fight and stood by the fact that Fedor was out cold:

“If I was to do it again – if I see a fighter face down receiving shots, I’m going to step in and stop the fight,” Dean today told reporters. “I can’t predict how long he’s going to be unconscious for.”

“The fight is over when he’s unconscious. Because he comes back swiftly after I’ve already stepped in and stopped the fight, I can’t restart the fight. Dan’s still throwing punches, but once I’ve touched Dan, I’ve stopped the fight.”

“I stepped in to support him once he stood up because his balance was still not totally there. I believe his motor control was still questionable.”

“Once I see an unconscious fighter receiving blows while unconscious, that’s my job to prevent him from receiving more blows, and that’s what I’m going to do.”

  • cheesehandler

    i think herbis probably one of if not the best ref in the game today…fedor needs to stop crying and go home…hes MORTAL KOMBAT! FINISHED!

  • Gary

    i seen the fight and whoever is saying that berb shouldnt of stopped the fight is stupid, fedor was out recived 4 blows to the head and dint mov euntil herb pulled dan off….good fight thou