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Hernandez Takes Nasty Bump, Gawker Files Motion Against Hogan

– At Friday’s TNA live event in Hidalgo, Texas, Hernandez reportedly took a nasty bump during a TNA Tag Team Championship match. Hernandez missed Gallows while jumping out of the ring and took the bump directly to the concrete floor. Medical staff came out to assist Hernandez to the back.

– TMZ reported Gawker Media filed a motion to dismiss Hulk Hogan’s lawsuit against them for publishing clips and a review of the Hogan-Heather Clem sex tape.

Gawker claims that as a news organization, they don’t have to reveal their source for the video and that the story was newsworthy, so they should not be on the hook for the minute amount of the footage that they’ve run on their website. They are scheduled for a November 8th hearing.

  • eric

    When it comes to hulk hogan. hhh said it best in his promo raw night after summerslam loss to lesnar. talking about guys holding on way too long. working match for big payday. waiting for something to pop. if that not hogan know what is. i have more respect for hbk shawn micheals, roddy pipper, warrior who all retired at right time. when they made there impact in pro wrestling/sports-entertainment, got famouse put in there yrs. save up all there millions made in ring. now retired from sport. emjoying post wrestling life. no pain just make casual apperance. get royalty check when wwe puts out dvd of themself. there is hulk hogan, alot old guys who refuse to leave business. hulk hogan should of retired after his great match with the rock at wrestlemaina18 in tortono in 2002. hogan legacy is ruined. after his horrible reality show in 2005-2007 hogan just wants to die in ring. it seems. it is sad but that what going to happen hogan. i alot other don’t want to see hogan on tv. may not be cena fan. but he is still in his prime 35 still go in ring. hogan way past his prime. when he talks about his health problems. if as jim cornette said on youtube. if hogan would step aside get out of way. jc right go home hogan!

  • 1919dpg

    hogan is a perfect example of old wrestlers who just don’t know when to quit.

    he’s destroyed his legendary legacy by trying to be in the spotlight all the time in wrestling and in the media.

  • SYM

    halk hogen is going to lose.

  • Robinson

    HH is a fucking douche-bag IMO. His legacy has been nothing for quite some time now.