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Heyman and Lesnar Reportedly Talking with WWE, Could Colt Cabana Return?

– One person close to the situation notes that CM Punk mentioning Colt Cabana, Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar during his promo on Monday’s RAW has to do with all three of those stars possibly coming back to WWE.

Apparently Punk recently asked for his friend Colt Cabana to be re-hired and put on the main roster, as one of the points in Punk’s new deal if he should re-sign. Regarding Punk staying or going, WWE creative has been told that he’s finishing up at Money in the Bank and most feel that he is still leaving, despite Monday’s promo. WWE still does have an offer on the table to Punk for him to stay.

Heyman and Lesnar have reportedly either made a deal or are at least in very serious negotiations to have a business relationship with WWE. Regarding Lesnar, word is that he won’t be wrestling and won’t be a TV character, should he have a business relationship with WWE again. Heyman would start working with the company again under a deal similar to Lesnar, according to the report by the Wrestling Observer.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Gary

    Brock has 1 fight left on his contract, i rly doubt seeing him do a full run or even a small run back in WWE for awhile, maybe after his ufc days….He is coming back to let his likness be used in video games, dvds and other stuff.

    Paul Heyman, I think would be a perfect fit backstage, but on TV Paul is done, unless he made another run at his own promotion but im sry to say Paul’s on screen career is done

  • stockshark

    JIR I seriously doubt any of the current PG WWE Universe would know who Heyman is or what he has done in wrestling! So Heyman as GM would not mean a thing to them or be a shock to them!

  • Me

    The most Lesnar would do is make a WWE dvd or something. Some of you are to hopeful. Lesnar still has a UFC contract.

  • Jay EZ

    R-Truth leads the New Nexus in a war against the lil Jimmies.

  • Kris

    Lesnar, Mason Ryan and Brock and Batista all form a big dumb I cant wrestle for my life stable called the four horses asses

  • venom

    I hope Lesnar has a match at Wrestlemania against Sheamus or Orton.

  • Shawn

    EV3.0!!!!!!! ….or not.

  • John Cheesa

    As much as I would like to see Paul E as the GM, I don’t honestly think we’ll ever find out who it is. They make us think it’s going to happen one week, and then they just drop it like nothing happened the next. It’s getting tiresome. First, it was supposed to be Triple H–which actually would’ve been cool–and then it was supposed to be Stephanie; then Michael Cole, and so forth. I would wager that it will be Steph if they ever reveal it, but they’ve just dragged out so long that it has lost any punch it could’ve had.

  • JIR

    Heyman as the RAW GM would blow all the PG friendlies minds. But as for Lesnar its either just a rumor or he will sell his rights and be included in DVD projects and Video Games/Toys.
    Cabana has a spot in my heart from his first ROH run if Colt comes back not Scotty Goldman and teams with Punk that would be awesome

  • Sammo

    What use is Lesnar to the company if he’s not gonna be wrestler… Or even on TV? Sounds a bit like nonsense to me.

  • mark

    heyman and colt cabana yes rehire them. Lesnar would be counter productive.

  • CC

    The Cabana story sounds feasible. The Lesnar/Heyman story sounds like something somebody just made up.


    There is no chance there will be a faction lol, Punk insukted Rock to, and when rock came back he showed he was against the pg thing by just cutting great promo and abusing cena for the whole pg thing kid fans



  • JD

    Yeah, you all are reading WAY too much into this. Punk’s not going to form a faction to fight the WWE PG era. Why on earth would the WWE want a superstar to discredit the current product so much? It would be nice to see Punk and Cabana team up, but don’t expect a new nWo to form just because of Punk’s promo. Chances are WWE let him do that promo because they want him to stay. He’s going to leave come MITB and if he ever comes back at all, it won’t be in the capacity he’s there now. Maybe a manager or announcer or something, but never a full-time wrestler again.

  • Bastion Booger

    Well with Lesnar it could just be that they are putting together a DVD about his wrestling career and they want him to talk about matches and things like that. I just finished reading Lesnar’s book and i highly doubt that he would ever be a full time wrestler again and besides he is still under contract to the UFC. With Heyman i dont know it always possible to hire him back as a writer which would be great

  • Chryogenos

    If this is true, It all makes sense, Punk mentioned Mcmahons family 2…
    Mcmahons vs Heyman, Punk & Lesnar maybe?

  • Orton

    It all works out perfectly…..Cm Punk is back with a title in a TERRIFIC storyline. Which is why it will never happen WWE will just let it pass by

  • Jeff

    More Middleton BS….

  • Valo487

    I’d love to see Heyman and Lesnar do something with WWE, if for no other reason than to have Heyman get a shot at writing again. I loved his tenure on Smackdown.

    And regarding Colt Cabana, if hiring a very talented wrestler is what it takes to get CM Punk to stay…..what’s the problem?

  • Justin

    The anonymous GM is nobody. That’s probably why the storyline is continuous. They probably don’t know who they want it to be.

  • chilly

    Paul Heyman = anonymous GM ?

  • KitKrock

    Dave Otunga should be their leader.

  • Titan

    The newest nexxus?

  • Stumpy

    I’m with you on this one Bill. Something is brewing in the dirty dungeon…

  • CM Mark

    So if Lesnar is not on TV and not wrestling what’s he gonna do, clean the bathrooms?

  • Bill

    I have a feeling that this report of Lesnar & Heyman doing a “business” deal is covering a secret return they might make to team up with Punk & some other superstars, & fight Mr. McMahon & his corporate ass-kissing WWE PG group…. it could work..