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Heyman Talks Running WWE, What He First Saw In CM Punk & More

– Brian Soscia recently interviewed Paul Heyman. Here are some highlights:

If he ran WWE, what would he do differently: “I’d fire the McMahons immediately.”

What was it he first saw in CM Punk: “How could you look at CM Punk and not think that he has the it factor? I don’t think I’m any great visionary or genius because I saw something in CM Punk, I think everyone else is a stupid schmuck for not seeing it in CM Punk. They’re blind. I mean truly, in the land of the blind the one eyed man is king and if you can’t spot that CM Punk is magic from the moment he walks in the door then you’re reading a playbook from an antiquated writer.”

What drew him into wrestling: “The very next week [following the Apollo and Martinez vs. Love Brothers match] they were replaced on television by Vince McMahon’s father’s television show and I saw Superstar Billy Graham do one interview and I was blown away by it. I realized that that man does not work for a living. I said I don’t want to work for a living either. I want to talk s*** on TV like Superstar Billy Graham. That’s what I get to do for a living now.”

Who or what his greatest ECW creation was: “The ECW audience itself. The audience was the biggest star. We played to them and for a reason. They were the greatest performers we had. I mean, who else would have thought about actually chanting the name of the promotion? We didn’t come up with that. They did. Who else thought of then screaming out the name of the company and literally fighting our battles for us? We didn’t ask them to do it. They volunteered to. We didn’t get on pay per view on our own merits. We got on pay per view because the audience got us on. The greatest creation of ECW was the ECW audience.”

  • king god hades

    he was in his heel persona while doing this interview

  • king god hades

    jesse you do realize that was the whole point of ecw was to give people something different than what the wwe had at that time and the whole point of wrestling is to please the audience not the other way around

  • Problem with ECW, aside from the retarded “hardcore” wrestling bit, is that the crowd was goddamn annoying. ECW had a handful of really great wrestlers, but a lot of crap artists who just hit each other with stuff as well. And the audience encouraged all of that. And that ECW audience then bled over into ROH and TNA audiences, and other certain independents……quite frankly, the audience should not be the focus of the show. The wrestling should be.

  • Trevor Donovan Allen

    @eamonn h No? Because right now the McMahons are running this potential Billion dollar company in the ground.

  • eamonn h

    If he ran WWE, what would he do differently: ā€œIā€™d fire the McMahons immediately.ā€

    Why for doing something you cant do and that’s run and maintain a successful