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HHH Looking to Change the Tag Team Division, Backstage WWE Creative News

– As noted before, The Baltimore Sun wrestling writer Kevin Eck has been hired by WWE for the creative team. Eck will be the person that works with Triple H on talent grooming that we have wrote about recently. Word is that Eck will start with WWE the day after SummerSlam.

– Triple H is serious on introducing new talents through vignettes and promos. It’s also being said that Triple H is interested in reviving the WWE Tag Team division. Word is that they are really starting to recruit tag teams and see if some names are under contract to other promotions.

There has been talk internally about The Brisco Brothers but they are signed to Ring of Honor. There has also been a lot of talk about TNA’s Beer Money and bringing them in once they are able to get away from TNA.

Regarding the Kings of Wrestling – Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli coming, the talk is that they will indeed be brought in together as a tag team and not singles wrestlers.

Source: PWInsider

  • Charles Spears

    @ Mark, I am going to have to politely disagree with you about the WWE Dropping the ball on Carlito, because it’s Carlito’s own fault for getting released for his pain killer adictions. However, I am going to agree with you on the Hart Dynasty part of your post

  • mark

    KpNUttz Lol is right. look at the teams that they have split up and released . Carlito and Primo were good as the Colons but look what happened, same with the Harty Dynasty. WWE gets something going thats good then has a habit to Fuck things up!!!

  • poko

    Grabbing more talent would be great, but they would still have to address the fundamental problem the WWE seems to have with tag teams. They ruthlessly devalue anyone who is a tag team member, to the point that anyone in a tag team comes across as extremely weak. A few weeks ago John Cena easily beat the tag team champions in a 2-on-1 match, which is the same as saying both of them together equal a standard jobber. It’s ludicrous to bury your champions that way.

    Traditionally, when a top face takes on a top heel tag team in a handicap format, the face might sneak out a victory, but they usually get the hell beat out of them first, which puts over BOTH parties. Cena’s squash victory, on the other hand, just made the entire tag team division looks pathetic.

    Until the WWE starts selling their tag teams as fully capable wrestlers, it’s always going to be something of a joke. It would make me sick if talents like KOTW or Beer Money get pulled in, only to be embarrassed by Cena or Orton in an obvious squash.

  • Digger

    No need to change the tag division, it’s awesome now.. Santino can team with Ryder, and then you have Santino and Ryder vs Usos and New nexus each week with no real storyine to go along with it.. dont fix what aint broke.

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    If this is true that is AWESOME! Beer Money would be SICK! And yes bring back Cryme Tyme and Duece/Domino lol but will KOW and Beer Money keep their names?

  • Starship Pain

    Kings of Wrestling… FUCKING YEAH, at last!!!

    They need to get Benjamin and Haas, too

  • KpNuttzLol


    I am aware they were a tag team as either the Edge Heads or Major Brothers but they split several years back and since appeared together once for a week and were never seen again.

    And Truth and Curtis aren’t an official team although if you actually remember when he won he was guaranteed a tag team title shot with his pro R-Truth. They could have eaily made a team out of them and help revive the tag team division but Curtis has barely been used as of late.

  • Destiny

    I’d like to see them form The Empire again with MacIntyre and Barrett; they were always a lot of fun to watch in FCW, and being that their best friends outside of the ring, they have great chemistry together. Plus they have fans that have been wanting them back together for along time, so if HHH is serious, this duo would already bring fans to the division.

  • Shawn

    Holy sh1t! KoW versus Beer Money? Oh hell yes.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    If this is true, HHH will be awesome in charge. It will be near impossible to revive the Cruiserweight division if it ever were to happen after the title was retired by Hornswoggle… That just takes all meaning away. Beer Money going to WWE I’m on the fence about, they could be a good asset but coming from a rival company they could be made into jobbers.

  • Devil_Rising

    He might want to start by actually HAVING a Tag Team division.

    And if he was so serious about building it back up (after years of neglect), he might have NOT wanted to start by firing Harry Smith, but instead, by getting The Hart Dynasty back together, and build the damned division around them like they deserved. Or not breaking up every tag team that comes along, period. The Hart Dynasty, The Dudebusters, Cryme Tyme, The Colons, pretty much every good team that has come along in the last several years, they break up way before they should. If you want to build a better (see actual) tag division, it starts with HAVING teams, and ends with KEEPING at least a few of those teams together long-term.

    Most fans aren’t going to care about a tag team division, if they expect teams to not stay together long. People actually LIKE cheering for long-time teams, like the Dudleys, or Hardys, or the Legion of Doom, who with brief exceptions, were together their entire careers until Hawk’s death. THAT is a tag team. And THAT is what you need to get back to. Also…please….get rid of those gawdy new belts.

  • Jon

    Eh Beer Money I think is going to stay in TNA, I mean there orginals and I would think they know what happens to TNA talent in WWE.

    I think they should look indy promotions than TNA and ROH.

  • CC

    What do you mean, Ryder and Hawkins appeared together once?
    Maybe you are talking about recently, but I’d hardly say they only appeared together once.
    Also, how can you even include R-Truth and Curtis in this?
    They wasnt a tag team in the first place, and what they are doing with R-Truth is far better than sticking him in a tag team for the sake of it with a nobody.

  • Sharktopus

    they should have santino and ryder an official tag team, bring back the worlds greatest tag team, bring in amazing red and MDogg20 (matt cross) and have them team up

  • KpNuttzLol

    I hope this is true but I honestly do doubt it. If they wanted to revive the tag team division why ruin it first. Such as:

    Hart Dynasty= Split and DH was released
    Cryme Tyme= Split and Shad was released.
    Marella and Kozlov= Kozov was released.
    The Corre= Split and 1/2 of the group turned face.
    The Nexus= Injured, Moved onto the main event picture,left to fade in the background
    R Truth and Curtis= Supposed to get Tag Title shot and nothing was heard from it.
    Ryder and Hawkins= Appeared together once and disappeared.

    Priceless and The USO’s are about the only teams left.

  • Greatness

    I want to see Los Conquistadors or The Mean Street Posse back. Have the Mean Street Posse run around like Johnny Ace or like Briscoe and Patterson did for Vince.

  • venom

    It would be nice to see a Tag Team division again. HHH, make this happen.


    Oh Yeah!! Bring back the Tag Team Division, make it relevant and competitive, and please, GET RID OF THOSE UGLY ASS BELTS!!!!!!!

  • Bill

    Beer Money? Wow, maybe HHH will actually do good contrary to what I thought at first.

  • JIR

    Kings of Wrestling FTW wonder if they will come in as themselves or get repackaged I hope they don’t Fudge this up

  • Tyler(:


    DH Smith and Caylen Croft where letdowns…

    Bringing Shad back would be good.

    KOTW, Briscoe’s and Beer Money would be cool, really hope KOTW do sign, Chris Hero’s awesome.

  • al

    this sounds like BS news. they should bring back some old tag team partners of guys currently signed. like dudebusters, hart dynasty, cryme tyme.

  • Stumpy

    Beer Money would do really well in the Big E if they are used correctly. They work well together and they can carry a match against other less talented wrestlers. Keeping KoW together is another smart move. Now if they only could’ve gotten WGTT back into the Big E, that would’ve been impressive. The main thing they need to do is build teams that are supposed to be teams and not just two singles wrestlers thrown together to make a team. And make sure the team has a damn name.

  • donners

    believe it when i see it………

  • ##

    About the tag division.

  • ##

    WOW! I just got goosebumps up and down my arm. Hope this is true…..