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Why HHH Didn’t Punish Daniel Bryan at RAW, WWE Looks at RVD Feuds, CM Punk Talk

– Apparently people within WWE were talking that the June 24th RAW rating was hurt partially due to CM Punk tweeting about how good the Chicago Blackhawks and the NHL playoffs were. The June 24th rating was absolutely hurt by the NHL game but the idea that it was due to Punk tweeting and turning wrestling fans into hockey fans is pretty far-fetched.

– WWE’s website currently has an article up looking at 5 potential dream opponents for Rob Van Dam’s return. They list John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Ryback, CM Punk and Brock Lesnar. They also have a poll up asking if RVD will be a Paul Heyman guy when he returns. As of right now, 73% of fans think RVD will make an impact on his own, without Heyman.

– Regarding Daniel Bryan not being punished over the recent confrontation with Triple H backstage, some witnesses say Vince McMahon was there and others say he wasn’t present. Apparently Vince has given Triple H full control of managing talent and when Triple H didn’t want to punish Bryan for his outburst, Vince didn’t overrule him.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Scooter

    Seeing Cena essentially play the heel role helped as well because it was different.

  • los322

    Agreed, the crowd added to the match in my opinion

  • Scooter

    They did have a great match at One night stand but it wouldn’t be the same without that crowd.

  • Scooter

    I think what Hunter said in his promo was how he really felt. As much as he was looking out for Bryans health he did respect him for wanting to continue. I see both sides of it and can’t blame either guy for trying to do the right thing.

  • Mabry

    yeah, but in some of those cases he had no choice. In the HBK-Bret Hart era, all the big guys were gone, and he had to put the new guys on top… About the other three, I guess he allways liked Eddie and knew that Benoit and Rey also had a lot to give so he had to give them a right spot!!!… There are things that you cant avoid….

  • Doctorl21

    To be fair, Vince did strongly push Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, Rey Mysterio, etc.

  • los322

    Not surprised seeing Cena on the list.. they always have to include Cena in everything.

  • Matthew Farrell

    People will make any excuse for WWE’s lousy ratings.

  • Mabry

    I think, despite what most think, that HHH could be good for WWE once Vince is gone… Hopefully he changes the whole muscle head syndrome that Vince has and decides to focus more on techncal “Wrestlers” such as D.Bryan and Ziggler, instead of pushing guys like Ryback….