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HHH’s Return Imminent, Jillian Hall and Jonathan Coachman Interviews

– It’s expected that Triple H will either be returning at tonight’s pay-per-view or tomorrow on RAW.

From Todd Matthy: Here’s a link to an interview I conducted with Jillian to help promote Diva Mania.

– Here is a link to an interview with former WWE announcer Jonathan “The Coach” Coachman. The interview features Coach talking about the embarrassing things he was booked to do in WWE, being an anchor for ESPN and more.

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  • thomas

    well I wish Wade Barrett would take his streak. They should have someone fresh take the streak and Barrett is awesome.

  • bob

    Triple h is too important to wwe to go end his career now. Do you think that storyline will happen? No. But it would suprise me if wwe would do the streak vs. Career match, and you know undertaker streak will never be broken so if they do fight at wretlemania, then the vince will sell the wwe because all it will do is go down the shitter

  • tyler

    Is what they all are. Fuckers Fuckers I tell you

  • sky_queen3

    Hmm, maybe some HTML or CSS code to put a non visible space to make the f-bomb work. :shrugs:

  • bob

    Triple h’s carrer over? Fuck the wwe, ill stop watching it for good

  • Bele

    Triple H takes Ziggler’s spot in the Elimination Chamber? err I guess that’s for Christian never mind.

  • Evil Doink

    Hey, how did that F-bomb from Grapplin Gorilla slip through above????

  • grapplin gorilla

    i for one will be glad to watch hhh and his career put to rest…if this is indeed thedirection these fuckers are going

  • David

    They’re going to play off HHH having something to do with him being buried at Survivor Series and being involved with Nexus. Taker will come out demand answers from Nexus and Wade will pass the buck, or he’ll come out and immediately call out trips.


    my bad. typo.

    but in actual fact. nothing is going to happen on monday other than an announcement probably.

    then you got 4 raws through march, then mania first week of april.

    still feel a rivalry between the 2 should be simmering for months, if its to be worthwhile. unless they do stuff on smackdown aswell.

    still feel the storylines on which they left should be finished with first.

    plus taker vs triple h has been done at mania before, personally i feel that to make the streak seem as if it is going to be broken then it should be against someone fresh.

    why would taker lose to the game at mania when he has beaten him before. it was different with micheals because the first time it was fresh mania opponent, second time micheals career was on the line and he portrayed someone as obsessed with takers streak.

    if they can pull off a good storyline ill tip my hat, but i suppose theres no other avenues to go down in regards to taker at the moment especially if they want to sell mania, so im just going to have to swallow it and try and enjoy.

  • Kujo

    Bah. Trips versus Taker?

    I was really looking forward to Streak vs. Career: Undertaker vs. Undertaker. It would have ended with a self tombstone and a fireworks dragon.

  • brian

    3 weeks wtf u talking bout bro mania isnt til april 3rd they got like 6 weeks plenty of time to set up taker hhh

  • huh

    3 weeks?!?! What calendar do you go by? Wrestlemania is on April 3rd isn’t it?


    if it does then its a major let down.

    taker and triple hhh wil have to cram some rushed out storyline in 3 weeks ready for mania.

    while at the same time ignoring the fueds they should be having.

  • Dave

    He’ll show up on Raw because the 2-21-11 video involves him and the Undertaker.

  • Joel

    Holy shit! I’ve been waiting for Triple H since before SummerSlam! I don’t want to miss a minute of wrestling these next 2 nights.