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HHH’s Thoughts on Twitter, Update on Pac’s WWE Name, Lilian

– We noted before that top indy star Pac was using the name Adrian Neville in WWE developmental. Apparently his new name is based off former Manchester United star Gary Neville, who is now a soccer analyst and coach of the British national team.

– There is no internal return date yet for Lilian Garcia. She is still recovering at home after being struck by a car in Los Angeles several weeks ago.

– The reason the RAWactive Twitter poll with Daniel Bryan and Kane was featured on Monday’s RAW after not being featured for several weeks is because Vince McMahon was not there. Triple H was in charge this week and it’s said that he “kind of likes” Twitter. Vince hates Twitter and while he realizes it’s a part of WWE’s social media efforts, he believes it is a tool for his talents to say some really stupid things in public.


  • hf part two

    WWE polls are always rigged.

    I MEAN, remeber Taboo Tuesday 2005? Fatt Lardy received more votes than Christian Cage? lol! RIGGGGEEEDDDD!

  • Zedd

    If this means that we are gonna get more twitter shit when Trips takes over, then I’m not looking forward to it anymore.

  • Bill

    Wait. Vince HATES Twitter? But Touts of Cena fans & worthless Facebook plugs during Raw are just fine?

  • Stumpy

    English, British, who cares? It’s all the same anyway… Bad teeth, bad food, and ugly women.

  • David

    who gives a shit about any English, british, canadian, or any other anglophone teams?

  • Davey Zoo

    Gary Neville is a legend so PAC is lucky 🙂 At least he wasn’t named after Gary Neville’s dad who is called Neville Neville.

  • Sam Peters

    he is a coach of the ENGLAND national team!!!! research before posting Marc!!!!

  • Dan

    Gary Neville is coach of the ENGLISH national team, the rest of Britain have their own national teams. Britain has only had a national team for a brief period in the last 30 years at this years Olympics.

  • Dan

    Coach of the English national team! When will you dull Americans realise Great Britain is made up of 4 separate countries!

  • GDYC

    *ENGLISH national team, do your homework.