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HOF’er Says Cena Is Nothing Special, Raven Talks WWE Experience, More

– The Inside The Ropes podcast recently spoke with George Steele, Chris Masters, Tully Blanchard, Michael Tarver, JJ Dillon, Lex Luger, Pete Gas, Sean Oliver, Raven and Stevie Richards to celebrate 1,000 episodes of WWE RAW. Here are a few highlights:

George Steele on watching RAW:
“I record RAW every Monday. But with my DVR it takes me ten minutes to watch it. I fast forward through most of it.”

Steele on John Cena:
“I’ve seen a million John Cena’s, he’s nothing special. Think about it, there are so many that are better out there today.”

Michael Tarver on Ryback:
“Ryback is an absolute beast. He’s not like the 2012 sloppy Brock Lesnar, this guy is actually good and he’ll be a World Champion soon.”

Raven on his RAW experiences:
“To be honest, I never really enjoyed my time at WWE so I don’t know if I have a great mount that I remember. Probably one of the Hardcore matches but they all morph into one.”

Raven on the “Wind Beneath My Wings” segment with Steve Austin:
“I absolutely loved being a part of that. it was so cheesy. I had so much fun. You’ve got to give props to Stephanie McMahon for going out there and making a total fool of herself. We were all so out of tune. It was fantastic.”

  • Lynx

    @SYM Cena was only out for three months in 08. In 07, he was out for four and returned at the 08 Rumble. He was never out for most of any year.

  • poko

    Marky Mark raging because, apparently, five paragraphs is beyond his reading capabilities has to be the funniest thing I’ve read today. And MR. I-can’t-read-that-much called someone else a loser. God, that’s hilarious, that’s golden.

    I thought I’d seen people rage over stupid things before but this is the absolute pinnacle. Marky Mark, I salute both you and your massive nerd rage. You’ve made me laugh in impressive fashion. Awesome.

  • Marky Mark

    Devil_Rising is a fucking broken record, jesus. Write another 5 paragraph lecture on why you’re such a smark, you fucking loser. Get over it, you fucking Man-Child. Every damn artcile *cue the 5 paragraph response from DR*

  • CM Mark

    That’s because Cena only does 3 moves and never takes any high risks.

  • The Real CM Punks Promo

    @devil. U lost me at the first sentence. Super boring.

  • SYM

    @EVH does 2008 Ring a Bell? He was out for almost the whole year and then returned at Royal Rumble 2009.

  • EVH

    One other thing in Cena’s favor: he’s dependable. He’s never had to leave for months because of injury.

  • EVH

    It’s not John Cena’s fault that he came in towards the end of the “Attitude Era” If anything it was perfect timing for his career. Had Brock not flamed out it would’ve been a classic rivalry as time went on. There were still great wrestlers in Cena’s early days: Angle, Benoit, Eddie. HHH was still in his prime but preferred to take Orton and Batista under his wing.
    Cena, if you remember was a Smackdown guy for the longest time, and you know who runs SD? Undertaker. So, being as the same show as ‘Taker and getting pushed to the top is a great sign that ‘Taker, and WWE saw something in him. We’ve seen many great and “better” wrestlers come and go, but if Cena was “nothing special” how come he’s still around? He couldve EASILY been buried in mid card level a la Shelton Benjamin a long time ago.
    And what was “special” about George “The Animal” Steele anyway? he had a hairy back and ate turnbuckles.

  • Devil_Rising

    Raven doesn’t have a single reason to look fondly on his career, because outside of a WM hardcore match against Kane and Big Show, they literally never did a damn thing with him.

    I clearly remember how mad I was when he was “exiled” to Sunday Night Heat for almost 6 months. I also remember how I used to watch Heat, because it usually had decent matches, and more specifically, because Raven would be on. I ALSO, very sadly, remember how when he finally (through storyline) got back on Raw, before Raw happened, I had these big hopes that maybe they were going to finally give Raven a serious push. Then he comes out, hair cut off, in silly looking black trunks like any other generic wrestler, and promptly gets beat by Jeff Hardy for a spot in the Royal Rumble.

    And I thought to myself…….MAN. What a fucking waste. He asked for his release and got it right after that, and quickly joined TNA. I actually bought the TNA weekly PPV, the $10 ones, that week JUST to see Raven arrive. I was also very happy for him, tough I didn’t and really don’t watch TNA (Though it was certainly better back then), when he won the NWA World Heavyweight Title. It meant a lot to him because of it’s lineage, I remember him saying that on his website.

    The thing is, as I’ve mentioned before, he is just one of several former WCW/ECW wrestlers that WWF/E really just shit the bed with. You can’t even say they dropped the ball on him, because they never really even picked it up. He was a great heel in ECW and WCW. Sure, granted, he never got as big as he should have in WCW, for much the same reasons. But at least they GAVE him tv time with the Flock and everything. I was always hoping he would recruit some new wrestlers in the WWF and make a new Flock, that at least would have been entertaining. He is such a good talker, and a decent wrestler besides, very much a guy in the “Jake the Snake” mold. I absolutely believe Raven could have been built up to make a great heel champion for WWF. But nope. They’d rather have someone like HHH.

    They really, REALLY wasted guys like Taz, Raven, Rhyno, and Lance Storm, just to name a few.

  • Brian Adams (DPW)

    That’s fine. I made a simple mistake. I was in the wrong.

  • poko

    I can’t argue with anything George Steele said.

    There are a lot of segments on RAW where I turn to ESPN. Announcers in the ring, celebrities and non-wrestlers in the ring, having the announcers do all the exposition rather than letting the performers do intense backstage promos like they used to back in the day, and this recent infatuation with squash matches, all that stuff is boring to me personally.

    Also, with no disrespect to John Cena, I agree with Steele about him, as well. 15 years ago, Cena would probably be a mid-card guy. He’s nothing special on the mic, he’s nothing special in the ring. I don’t even mean that as an insult, I have nothing against Cena, it’s just that, in my opinion, his rise to the top has had a lot to do with the lack of high level talent around him, Orton being a screw-up, and getting pushed beyond belief. As evidence of that, I think the fact that he is one of the least popular “top guys” in the history of the WWE speaks volumes.

  • @Brian Adams (DPW) Read it again, it was George Steel who made the comment about Cena and Michael Tarver who made the comment about Ryback

  • Brian Adams (DPW)

    I read the Cena thing and was like “mmmm okay?” I thought maybe he’s right. Then I seen his Ryback comment and then stopped reading. I like Cena. (I don’t want him as champ and I would love him heel!) but I don’t thing WWE or any wrestling promotion needs to choose a big muscled sloppy guy like Ryback as champion.

  • byron

    When i read the headlines Cena is nothing special I said to myself I like this guy alreeady