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Hogan Agrees TNA Needs to Move from Impact Zone, Impact Post Show

– Embedded in the video below is this week’s TNA Impact Post show with Christopher Daniels, Taryn Tarrell, ODB, British Boot Camp Cast, and More.

– Hulk Hogan agreed with a Twitter follower that the Impact Zone was “killing the product.”

@HulkHogan I love TNA bro but you gotta get out of the impact zone, it’s killing the product

@krischeurer agreed HH tell Dixie. HH

  • Lord KGM

    TNA, Impact, whatever it maybe…this company is doomed from here on. Its WCW lite for the past 10 years and will never rise above WWE if they dont hire new writers. Both companies are in grave danger but TNA worse than WWE. My twitter is suspended or else I would directly tell them myself. I will give TNA the best advice they could receive, change the name but not to a catchphrase that has nothing to do with global dominance. If they can understand or comprehend my advice, follow and watch their product increase drastically; maybe I can get a contract to advance their dreaded product. Peace Lord KGM

  • Pig

    “HH @RealDixie, I’m back in the movie business, maybe you’ve seen my latest offering? I’d love to make one with you, ” The Night HH took Ole Dixie down” HH

  • Zedd

    Hogan sounded like a caveman in that tweet. “HH tell Dixie We leave cave”

  • Little Jimmy

    TNA is being riverdanced on by Hogan, Bischoff and Prichard. TNA needs a new direction and new people to run it the right way. The Roster needs a revamp, the product needs a revamp and then things will be different. TNA ATM is like WWE story mode mixed with a 90’s Beat-Em Up 8bit game Mini Story and they try to throw some MMA in there but they FAIL. There’s plenty of decent free agents out there to make it work and even maybe a working relationship with ROH like they used to have.

  • ChrisDV

    WTF? Harcorr? I meant Hardcore.

  • ChrisDV

    @ Bill

    If only they’d ever had the common sense to have a Harcorr match take place THROUGH the park.

  • Bill

    Well, TNA could use a bigger venue, but the idea of the set being at a theme park is still pretty cool.

  • xXx

    no hogan, YOU’RE killing the product.