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More on Hogan & Angle from Bound For Glory, the Decision to Have Roode Lose

– There is a lot of resentment within TNA regarding Bobby Roode not winning the World Heavyweight Title at Bound For Glory. As noted yesterday, Hulk Hogan lobbied to keep the title on Angle. Word is that the plan, even just a few hours up until the show, had been for Roode to win.

– Hulk Hogan was said to be in intense pain to where he couldn’t move much immediately after going backstage after his match with Sting at Bound For Glory. Kurt Angle was said to be in worse shape than Hogan, and had to be taken to his dressing room and laid on his back.

One source noted that Angle’s injured hamstring area was black before he wrapped it before his match on Sunday.


  • Bobby Roode

    I’m a big looser and did not deserve to win the TNA title from Kurt Angle. Get off Hulk’s back people, it wasn’t his call. It was mine. I decided to loose to Angle.

  • tombstonepildriver



  • venom

    Hogan thinks he should have won the title.

  • Soulshroude

    Roodes first big match, yeah… but to have Storm win the title, just after Roode looses, and that being Storms first big match is a huge stap in the face on Roode.

  • Bawb

    @Black Scorpion and Nicholas G

    Thanks for reasonable responses. I guess my question to you would be, what do you see in Roode/why do you feel he should be champion? Thanks.

  • Nicholas G

    I beat the reason why Hulk Hogan didn’t want Roode a young wrestler win the TNA title is it because it would overshadow Hogan match vs Sting. See at the end of the day it not about TNA to Hulk Hogan it is all about Hogan. That is why WCW die an why TNA will be soon to follow. Man Dixie Carter is so stupid on resigning Hogan and Bishoff. I also beat Kurt Angle didn’t mind not losing to Roode to I mean both Hogan and Kurt Angle are a lot a like. In the fact both guys feel they are bigger than wrestling.

  • Miz1984fan

    Hogan is awesome, and a wrestling genius, except y’all can’t see it

  • Black Scorpion

    @ Bawb, I could go with making Roode a heel champion and that’s probably what TNA is going to do, but the last minute decision to keep the belt on Angle I think WAS all Hogan. It’s all about him. I think @Valo487 got it right on. Hogan didn’t want Roode winning to upstage his face turn.

  • blue4everd


  • Freakzilla


  • Tombstonepildriver

    ^^^^^^^^^ Hogans butt buddy

  • Bawb

    Oh, boo hoo, Robert Roode didn’t win the title. It was his FIRST big match, it’s better for this to build. Plus, guy’s got no real interesting distinction about him that stands out, so why does he need to be campion? Because he’s been there longer than other guys? I think when you have a situation like that, where the wrestler has paid his dues, but gets no real reaction from fans, you should make him a heel champion. No one will exactly be thrilled he’s the champ, so it make sense he’s not face.There’s no other way to do it. Then again, the Rock got a huge reaction when he first became champion, and it was because he turned heel as soon as he won it in spite of the fans who cheered him so much as a face. I don’t know all, Roode doesn’t really have “it.” Would agree with Hogan here.

  • BuckieKid

    spot on valo its hogan way, u think hes gonna sit back after a big face turn for someone to steal the spotlight

  • Omar

    Its true. Vince sent Hogan to kill TNA.

  • Valo487

    Hogan probably didn’t want Roode winning the title distracting people from his “big face turn.”