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Hogan Asks That People Pray For Ultimate Warrior, Nitro Girls Reunion Scheduled

— Following Ultimate Warrior’s recent video announcement in which he revealed plans “to set the record straight” on longtime rival Hulk Hogan and “paint the picture of who he truly is,” The Hulkster asks that people pray for the master of Destrucity.

“It’s awesome how such grateful positive people live in abundance and how they always try to help and pray for the lost negative people,” Hogan wrote Thursday on Twitter. “His claim to fame was our match at WrestleMania, if he didn’t have that I’m not sure what he’s done. He’s just trying to keep his deal alive. Only pray for him, just hope he stops attracting so much hate into his life. Like attracts like.”

— A Nitro Girls reunion is scheduled for Saturday, September 24 at Signamania VII at The Bucks County Technical High School in Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania. Chae, Fyre, Spice and Tygress are scheduled to appear at the event. Visit for more information.

— On Tuesday night’s episode of Tosh.0 on Comedy Central, host Daniel Tosh said, “We’ll miss you Macho Man” during a monologue. Tosh is a self-professed wrestling fan and has had wrestling personalities on his show this year.

  • Stevie P

    Ric Flair mentions this in his book. Hogan can not get over Warrior beating him for the WWF title. It was so bad he got this guy to look like Warrior so he could beat him in WCW! Yeah Warrior is a little nutty, but Hogan just can’t get over the fact that he had to put someone over.

  • MMAeatsWrestling

    Gotta love when Hogan tries to take the moral/religious highground. All the messed up crap this guy has done and said in and outside of wrestling (blaming John Graziano for what his son was largely responsible, for example) pretty much renders anything he can say null and void. I’m fairly certain that any prayers from him immediately go into the trash without even being read.

  • erik

    I pray every night that hogan and flair leave tna. if hogan and bischoff never came to tna. tna would be alot better. kong, daffney, would still be in tna. six sided ring would still be in tna. tna was great before old man hogan show up.

  • bad obsession

    so hogan is asking me to pray for warrior. sorry hulk i asked you to do the job at summerslam 05 but you didnt do that for me. im entitled to do jack shit for you

  • venom

    When I was a kid, I always liked Warrior, and hated Hogan. Hogan was popular because everybody had to put him over at Wrestlemania. Other than that, Hogan was only good for cutting promos.

  • Joe

    A car crashed in a video THEN Tosh said “We’ll miss you Macho Man”. Yeah, class shout out.

  • Nicholas G

    Hogan and Warrior are like two nut jobs all roll up into one. I mean Hogan and Warrior must really believe that the mainstream wrestling fans still gives a dam on what those two think anymore. When in fact nobody really is caring to much about what Hogan saids anymore. Gee I wonder how good TNA would be right now if Hogan cares more about what is happening in TNA right now rather then twitting all the time. I mean look at the different between HHH and Hogan right now. Both guys has high power in there own company. But you don’t see HHH on the internet twitting trashing other wrestlers name and just making himself look bad while doing so. It is like who is Hogan trying to convince anymore us on the internet or himself.

  • CC

    Warrior may be a nut job and may have been a shit wrestler, but for Hogan to claim that the only claim to fame he has is a match with him is fucking laughable. Warrior was almost as big a name as Hogan back in the day, to the point that even though I had never watched a single episode of WWF back in the 80s, one of the few names I knew was Warriors, and most people I knew who watched it hated Hogan and loved Warrior.

    Hogan always tries to make out like he was the only superstar in the 80s, and while he was the biggest name no doubt, I think if the likes of Warrior and Savage had been given the same sort of push Hogan had, they would have obliterated him.

  • Humper!

    Lol didnt think about it

  • Humper!

    Okay here my new username… cant believe that person that posed as me
    All thumper post from here on are fake!!

  • finallythekingjoinsin

    Y not b former thumper! or the blogger formerly known as thumper! if u use it i promise the king wont sue for kidding

  • Orton

    HOLY FUDGING SHIZNIPS Hogan didnt say brother ONCE!!!! WHat has the world come to??

  • Jon

    Praying that hogan is gone from TNA

  • Camille

    Hogan speaking wisely for once.

  • Thumper!

    Wow I just saw someone pose as me on the other post about a penis. Looks like the original and real Thumper! has to change the name.

    Every Thumper! post from now on is a fake.

  • Thumper!

    I’ll pray that Vince McMahon steps down as the chairman.

  • shawn

    macho man commemoration still going on spots. ill watch that show for sure. youtube, no.

  • Tosh is great – I wish I could see the Nitro Girls! Hulk and Warrior remind me of nursing home wars. Eric Bitchoffs next tv show I bet lol.