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Hogan Returns to Impact, TNA Finishes Up Claire Lynch Storyline

– TNA finished the Claire Lynch storyline on last night’s episode of Impact Wrestling. She did not appear live but was represented by an attorney character.

It was revealed that Claire was never pregnant and that she agreed to blackmail AJ Styles after being approached by Daniels and Kazarian. She admitted in a statement that she went as far as drugging Styles to take photos of him.

– Hulk Hogan returned as “Hollywood” to the storylines on last night’s Impact to side with Sting against Aces & 8s. Hogan appeared backstage and not in front of the live crowd, likely because he’s still recovering from the recent surgery.

  • Sat

    So, Claire was not pregnant, but they could still have done a paternity test?

  • tdchristian

    @ 1919dpg ; I agree. It’s all about “believability”. This has been building up for a while, and when they finally get aces and eights beat down enough, the TNA guys don’t take the masks / bandanas off of their faces ?. TNA just blew their chance to have a match where if Aces and Eights lose they “unmask”. They could have unmasked most of them in the brawl and (except for one guy) they didn’t. If TNA doesn’t yet want to “reveal” them, they shouldn’t have had them in a full scale riot storyline where they were losing most of the time.

  • 1m1

    the Aj/Lynch storyline didn’t make any sense and lead nowhere in the end. where’s the big blowout match? neither aj, kaz, or daniels gained anything new from this angle.

  • 1m1

    hogan wipes out 3 guys with a rubber bat in 1 cheesy swing while literally growling like a dog.

    he’s just so terrible. why do they still cheer him on and feed his ego?

  • 1919dpg

    in typical tna fashion they started off with something good and messed it up horribly near the end.