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The Honky Tonk Man Addresses Jerry Lawler, WWE Diva Announces Engagement

– The Honky Tonk Man stated on Facebook that he is interested in assuming the Raw commentator’s position for one night only while Jerry “The King” Lawler recovers from Monday’s heart attack.

The WWE Legend is the first cousin of Lawler, though the two have long had an unsteady relationship due to family issues. He addressed his relationship with Lawler: “Jerry and I have not seen eye to eye on the pro side of the business sometimes, but we buried the hacthet a few yrs. ago. I am what I am and he is what he is. He is my first cousin with our mothers who are sisters who are both passed on now. Jerry and I had a 100 matches against each other. We had a respect not as family but as professionals. He was a master at talking and in ring work. I myself copied his work. I can only hope he can be the King again.”

– Eve Torres announced on Twitter Thursday that she is engaged to Rener Gracie, her boyfriend of several years.

Enclosing a photo of her engagement ring, she tweeted, “I’ve never been so happy! @RenerGracie.”

  • Best In The World

    EVE is hot shame shes engaged but the guys is fucking lucky to marry that lol

  • Bawb

    Anyone else die a little inside every time a WWE Diva gets engaged?

  • Oh u didnt no

    Put Road Dogg in Kings place while he recovers he’s hilarous!


    Rener from the legendary gracie family @Rockeysucks i bet he could snap your arm if he wanted to

  • CC

    Once again the irrelevant Honky Tonk Man shows what a classless twat he is. His cousin could have died and all he can do is use it as a chance to try and get himself a pay cheque.
    He talks so much shit its unbelievable, and has yet to show that he has any true insider knowledge.
    I remember reading about him a few years ago from another wrestler about how fake the guy was, and not very well liked in the industry. Its not hard to see why.

  • PinkSinCara

    So Honky resurfaces and kisses his cousin’s ass after he suffered a heart attack, just so he can slide back into the spotlight for 3 hours? Fuck off.

  • GrizzlyShark

    Its Rener Gracie.. i agree not a great name but he comes from a family of great people.

  • umpire4life

    How about for one night only, we get JOEY STYLES back. Vince, please make this happen.

  • Rocky sucks

    Renee Gracie what a idiotic name eve u can do better