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The Honky Tonk Man Rips Hogan, Says Someone Is Leaving TNA for WWE

– WWE Legend The Honky Tonk Man said on his Facebook yesterday that a top behind-the-scenes player in TNA, someone close to Hulk Hogan, has left and is returning to WWE. Honky’s team then wrote the following blog on his official website against Hulk Hogan:

“You guys keep asking what’s the issue with Hogan. Here’s the deal. Hogan is in a back brace and without it he is on a walker as an old crippled dogshit of a man who could only be found with his feet in Lard Ass Bubba’s ass. You ask why HTM doesn’t like Hogan?

Jeff Jarrett approached HTM for a TNA merchandise deal in 2010 and “sent” a contract. Contract never came. HTM signs with WWE & Mattel. The same time, Hogan and Bischoff join TNA and Bischoff publicly insults HTM. HTM is called up for the “Hogan & Friends Tour”, went to the show and had a great event with the boys and the fans. HTM and Jimmy Hart spend hours setting up the show, spots etc. HTM and his web team promote “Hulk and Friends” everywhere which Hogan’s agent praised and admitted none of the other stars did! Bubba the lard sponge calls out HTM on his radio show so HTM posted a video owning Bubba in retaliation. Hogan goes off without seeing the facts and HTM is off the tour.

HTM went to Hogan’s room on the Hogan & Friends tour and spent hours talking to Hogan. Hogan was nice to HTM’s face. That’s the deal with Hogan. That’s always the deal with Hulk Hogan. Ask Vince McMahon or Randy Savage.Hogan is a walking dead because he went with that travelling door to door meat salesman Bischoff instead of hanging with the guys who stood beside him and once again turned on WWE. McMahon’s done with Hogan and WWE have no interest in his dead ass. They put over Hogan, built him up as Babe Ruth and he spat in their face. Hogan was due to wrestle John Cena at a recent past WrestleMania but couldn’t commit due to his health issues then announces at Vince’s backyard MSG that he’s signed with TNA. Now after taking TNA nowhere Hogan’s had to take a pay cut with TNA and mark my words within 6 months he’ll be gone.

What is WWE going to do with a free agent crippled Hulk Hogan? Nothing. They own the entire back catalogue, anything of worth they have. Hogan has his chance to be the Babe Ruth of WWE and spat in their face. He demands top money from Vince and has nothing in return to offer.Hogan’s “Hulk & Friends” Tour is dead in the water. Events were cancelled due to poor ticket sales and performance and Hogan’s $100k fee demand while paying his fellow boys $3k.

THQ recently signed Hogan to WWE Allstars as his contract allows for outside licensing which is a slap in the face to TNA. Would McMahon let any WWE star sign a TNA merchandise deal? How is that taking “the company to the next level” Brother!.

The guys in the back have no respect for Hogan and Nash is laughing his ass off now that Hogan is broke and Nash is back as a player.

A major TNA backstage player has bolted TNA for WWE, someone close to Hogan which has left Hogan reeling. More on that to come..

Hulkamania killed itself.

HTM Team”

  • J

    Hogan is a business man through and through. He has made the Wrestling business a lot of money. He needs to though know when he has worn out welcomes and ticks people off and eventually will know when no promoter will want him in their door anymore. HTM has lots of truths but look how far down the chain HTM has gone. Seen him months ago on the independant circuit charging $25 to get a picture with him and his old WWF intercontinental belt. Now how sad is that. Hulk are quickly approaching doing the same thing. Only good news is that Hogan was a WORLD CHAMP, little more respect.

  • CJ

    While HTM has been known to run his mouth in the past, this rant on Hogan sounds totally believable.

    Lets be honest guys, The Hulkster is in trouble. Financially the guy has some money but not nearly what he had. The NWO gimmick actually seemed to rub off on him. Yes in the early to mid 90’s he was approachable and a good guy (however that could have been to increase the popularity and sales). Since the gimmick however even when he has been a face, in public he has been standoffish and crude to fans.

    TNA has taken a complete nosedive since Hogan and Bischoff came in and now storylines are not being created but rather regurgitated after WWE has finished with them. No creativity whatsoever will kill this company and its all because Bischoff and Hogan ran out of ideas back in 1998.

  • TeddyG

    WWE have clawed back a lot of the ground they lost to TNA thorughout mid 2009 through 2010 and TNA have seemed to implode with half baked plot lines. Its a shame as for a while TNA was really cooking, now its just on simmer. They need to get back to what took them international and not putting the belt on an aging Sting when they have a whole wealth of younger, better talent waiting in the wings. Already VERY bored of Immortal and all the lame plots. As For the knockouts, they need new blood, and girls that can actually wrestle. Mickie James is passable these days, Tara is always injured, Angelina Love has about 4 good moves and the only high point of the division is Sarita (and now Rosita). Angle Vs Jarrett is good, but WHY drag the kids into it? it downgrades the whole fued. Come on TNA get back to wrestling.

  • Ralph

    See, what I love about this is that HTM runs his mouth. Now how much exposure is he getting on the wrestling scene? Small independents really do nothing. I love hearing candya$$ crybabies scream. Oh, BTW how much laughing is Nash actually doing? He appeared for a few minutes in the Royal Rumble and hasn’t been seen since. I’m sure that old fart is right up on Uncle Vince’s ‘To Do’ list at the next big event. As for SOMEONE CLOSE….wouldn’t surprise me if he meant Sting. However, how did that turn out HTM? HTM was a second rater during the good ole WWF days…nice to see he hasn’t changed….maybe that’s why his cousin Jerry Lawler gets more exposure. GO FIGURE, Brothaaaaaa!

  • Saintsman

    i remember when TNA was cool. It had it’s own “Swagger” goin. Since WWE had pulled alot of the high risk and foul language. TNA had its own thing going that u watched. even the women ctually wrestled good matches and had a fan base. Now. its worse than WCW ever was. The woman matches still beat WWE, but the storyline and character usage are lame. Makes me wonder what could have been if H&B didn’t take over TNA. WWE and TNA were a good 1-2 punch, one had the wrestling and the other had the stories.Now, i just watch the stories.

  • elvisD

    Never really cared for HTM, but evidence from Iron Shiek, Piper, Savage, and others that helped him build his character including Vince Mac tells a story that he is two faced, will do anything to build himself and only himself, I don’t follow HTM but he brings up a good point, either its true remains to be seen, but if so many people are running the same sides of the stories, then it has some sort of truth, Hogan sold out for cash, not fan based or love of the art that is wrestling, I think he thinks he has a name and it will carry him anywhere, but it’s a new age of wrestling, and as much as we love legends, they have to ride into the sunset sometime, otherwise they will wither and die and become a joke. Hulkamania died a long time ago, the idea of it rest on some retro idea that old school is good!! Its not!! only in small doses, sorry hogan, flair, sting, nash, booker, triple h, undertaker, edge, angle, matt hardy, jeff hardy, RVD, Tommy Dreamer, and others that apply, thank you

  • oxslangshoot

    what he said is 100% true everyone already knew most of it, so for people to deny it is just ignorant:)

  • jim

    nash is back as a player??? he was in the rumble as a legend havent heard from him does that make him a player.also i agree with some of what he said.but with HTM take everything he says with a grain of salt.remember just last year he announced he had signed with tna which turned out to be BS.

  • chuck spears

    You would be mad as heck if you were held back by the BS politics of Hulk Hogan. Honky Tonk Man has every right to say the things he’s saying.

  • mark

    i have to say after reading this all,i really dont give a shit

  • gerg357

    Honky Tonk Man hates tna because he didnt get his deal and is praising wwe because they gave him a deal. That is all this is.. should he had signed with tna.. he would probably be shunning wwe.. HTM is two faced..

  • TomC

    HTM has been a bitter black sheep in the pro-wrestling business FOR YEARS. He’s as arrogant as they get – and unappreciative as they come. I remember when I was working out at Gold’s Gym in the 90’s and the wreslters would come in to work out before their show that night. (traded sets with Ric Flair on a bench press, by the way).

    Anyway, it was a WCW show day/night and a bunch of wrestlers came in – including Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan . . . and there was HTM, in some gawd-awful neon stretch pants and wearing his stupid sun glasses INSIDE – like he was supposed to be someone uber special or something. You could see what a jackass he was by the look on his face and how he carried himself around the gym that day.

    CONVERSELY, not only was Ric Flair VERY COOL to me when he asked if he could work in on the machine I was using, but when I walked up to shake Hulk Hogan’s hand, Hogan was EQUALLY cool. (I actually saw/met him several times throughout my Gold’s Gym years).

    So, as someone mentioned above, I take what HTM says with a HUGE grain of salt. I am quite sure he feels “left behind” by both WWE and TNA (of which I don’t think he’s ever been a part of).

  • Red Rooster Fan Club

    HTM for HOF! Why does it seem like Honky keeps getting shafted?

    Hogan is definitely a ship-jumper. I don’t know if WWE would consider taking him back, but Hogan’s situation is different now and could probably use another big payday.

  • CM Mark

    Hogan only cares about Hogan. Simple as that.

  • slim

    I mean Dixie tells me every other week that something major is going to happen. I’m just pissed that i always miss it.

  • slim

    When did anything major ever happen in TNA? Sorry, i missed that episode.

  • john

    HTM shuld get Hulk hall of fame place . deserves it far more . Hogan is probably the biggest sell out in wrestling history. he sold out the WWE fans when he signed for TNA. 70% of real WWE fans dont acc evr tune in 2 TNA unless something major happens

  • me thinks hes talking s h i t

  • Jay


    I agree about what you said regarding people speaking in the third person, but I’ve always just been under the impression that “HTM” knows that HTM is a character so he talks about it aside from himself.

    Or maybe I’m too nice…

  • KGM Da Master

    Ok ok ok its been a while but im back!!!!!! Back to business, HTM is spitting out alot of information that could get him in trouble…..with Hogan, TNA, Vince, WWE & THQ! Even with it being true, he is costing all of them cash. Angle’s not coming back as much as I want him too, original wrestling is dead. Sitcom wrestling was never Angle’s strong suit. So with the theatrics of WWE being at an all-time high, it makes me believe Angle will retire at the end of his contract. I think the person who may leave is Flair. HTM never said the person would wrestle. Just he’s leaving TNA as a “behind the scenes player…..” Who would be better for Wrestlemania 27 than the “Nature Boy?” We shall see what happens but I expect big things to surface soon.

  • Seth

    As much as I’m not a fan of people referring to themselves in the third person, Seth really enjoyed this. Seth likes the idea of anyone calling out Hulk on his BS.

  • Callum


  • CC

    While I dont dispute a lot of what HTM said about Hogan, as those sort of stories have been rife for years, I do agree with Scooter that the whole story about someone bolting to WWE could be pure bullshit as it wouldnt be the first time HTM has made shit up just to get his name out there.

    Of course, there is speculation on Angle going to WWE as his recent Facebook statuses have been about his contract coming up, and whoever he signs for, it will have to be whats best for him.
    Not sure how close to Hogan Angle is tho.

  • RoadSign

    Oh my brotha!!!! Testify!!!!

  • scooter

    As much as what HTM has said his true the end report about someone leaving is probably typical honkey bullshit the guys notorious for creating false reports on his website

  • Buttercastle

    Wow. I have a newfound respect for this man.