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Hornswoggle To Make Film Debut In WWE Studios’ “Leprechaun: Origins”

WWE Studios has teamed up with Lionsgate to relaunch the Leprechaun franchise with “Leprechaun: Origins,” which will feature Hornswoggle making his debut on the silver screen.

The SmackDown Superstar played a game of “Hide and Tweet” at WrestleMania Axxess on Thursday evening as he encouraged fans to find him and discover the #swogglesecret, which turned out to be his involvement with “Leprechaun: Origins.” He broke the news on Twitter after being found:

“The #swogglesecret that I’ve been hinting at all week is that in March 2013 I will be starring in Leprechaun:Origins by WWE Studios!!!”

The film is set for a 2013 release, though there is currently no writer, director or cast attached. Details on the film are available here.

  • JK Thunder

    @Kamalas Foot

    Where on did it state that Alberto del Rio was arrested for cocaine trafficking? I even looked at the liberal media and to no avail. So, where is this proof that he indeed is a federal offender? I am not ragging on you, I am simply calling you out to provide proof. We don’t want to have another “Jason” on our hands.

  • jigsaw

    @justin sane look at the hellraiser franchise as well

  • Justin sane

    I’m not sure any more damage could be done to the leprechaun franchise that hasn’t already been done. Part 4 was “in space” part 5 in the hood and 6 back to da hood. can’t really call it a bad ass franchise.

  • adam

    Wow i guess i told you so is in order. I knew when this movie was being made by wwe stuidos that they would put hornswoggle in it. They should just fire him his charcter is as stupid as santinos but hornswoggles has no purpose. This movie is going to suck nice job killing a bad ass movie franchise.

  • chronoxiong

    Who’s going to watch that movie when it comes out? Certainly not me.

  • Jason L

    Ignore the trolls ….

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    Oh well that explains that, lets move on.

  • Deva

    so would that make hornswaggle heel? is this going to be those weak pg 13 horror movies? or will wwe have the balls to make rated R, well if wwe writers are involved then it looks like another failed wwe movie