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Hornswoggle Filming for The Soup, Regal Says He Wants to Fight

– Hornswoggle is on his way to Los Angeles to film an episode of E’s The Soup, possibly the special WWE-themed episode that will air on November 26th on the USA Network immediately after RAW. Hornswoggle tweeted:

“Early flight to LA to film some stuff for @eonline ‘s The Soup! Quite excited as I’m a huge fan of the show! #swogglewithmuppets”

– WWE’s website has an App exclusive video of William Regal before he faced Big Show on Monday’s RAW. Regal talked about how he’s become Mr. Entertainment over the past few years but then talked about how he’s been wrestling for 30 years and how he’s the one that all the professionals look to. Regal acknowledged that he’s 44 years old but he belongs in a ring fighting people.

  • Jefferson D’Arcy

    I love Regal. And it was great when he was GM in 2008, then won the King of the Ring as well. He was definitely getting a big (and much deserved) push. But then he goofed it all up by getting suspended for failing a Wellness test. The following year, he came back strong on ECW, feuding with Christian for the ECW title, having great matches. But they never gave him the belt, and sadly, that’s pretty much the last great thing he’s done. Been floating around ever since, not doing much. And what’s he got going on now, commentating on NXT? Get him in the ring on RAW or SD!

    The guy’s 44 and can still go, so all he needs is to get in better shape, and he’ll be fine. If Finlay, who’s like 10 years older can still go, so can Regal. I know it’ll never happen, but I’d love to see Regal at least win the World Heavyweight title. If not that, then another IC title run. One of the best heels ever. Great talker too.

  • scooter

    Honestly they gave the king the title match with Miz so I don’t see why Regal can’t be used to put a young guy over. I’d love to see him try and teach someone like Antonio Cesaro or Barret a lesson.