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Hornswoggle Update, WWE Show on Super Bowl Sunday, Randy Savage, WWE Gear

– Today would have been the 59 birthday of wrestling legend Randy Savage. Savage passed away on May 20th of this year after having a heart attack while driving his car.

– WWE has released the new Mark Henry Hall of Pain t-shirt and more of the retro t-shirts including a CM Punk Straight Edge retro shirt.

– WWE’s SmackDown brand will be at the Maverik Center in West Valley City, Utah on Super Bowl Sunday, February 5th for a 1pm show. Tickets go on sale this Friday, November 18th.

– WWE is advertising Hornswoggle for several upcoming SmackDown live events. While Hornswoggle occasionally makes appearances during breaks, WWE never takes the time to put him on advertisement listings for shows. There were rumblings months ago that officials were looking for a new storyline that Hornswoggle could be in.

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  • venom

    WWE should fire Horns woggle. I am surprised he kept his job longer than Finley.

  • voice of reason

    i think hornswoggle is a good charecter but to be honest he is just there for comic relief, if the wwe sets up a midget division the outrage from people would be too much for the wwe to handle.

  • Jon-Jon


    No, he’s just gonna continue to destroy the Hispanic population by embarassing the new Mexican group on Smackdown.

  • Little Hornsy

    WTH, you moderators are pricks. You delete my comments, even though these yahoos are insulting me on this page. Here’s a leprechaun curse for you moron moderators – habooda madooba lagaada.

    Translation – go eat donkey crap. Gotta go PG with the kids in this site.

  • Little Hornsy

    @ZacH D – You attack me? You’re the piece of crap that I scrap off of when I step on inferior people like you. Now, let me give you the leprechaun curse – Go fuck yourself.

    Same goes to Boomski.

    Philly655, i’m not sure if i’m insulted or not. But i’m craving for some lucky charms. I get a lifetime supply because i’m the spokesperson of lucky charms.

  • Stumpy

    Are they bringing Chavo back?

  • Philly655

    “I care” 🙁 He says, Weeping into his bowl of Lucky Charms

  • Boomski

    @ Zach D


  • Zach D

    Fuck Hornswoggle, nobody cares about that Green little Bastard