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Hornswoggle Update, WWE Trends from SmackDown, Warrior Column, More

– Nick sent word that WWE has released David Otunga’s theme “All About The Power” on iTunes.

– The Ultimate Warrior is now writing a monthly advice column for UK mens magazine Loaded.

– WWE has began airing ads for The Slammy Awards, which take place on December 12th during the three-hour RAW from Norfolk, Virginia.

– WWE terms trending last night during SmackDown included Hornswoggle, Jinder Mahal, Daniel Bryan, Justin Gabriel, David Otunga and Michael Cole.

No word yet if WWE plans on doing anything with Hornswoggle after he began talking on last night’s SmackDown. There were rumors a few months ago that officials had been discussing putting Hornswoggle in a new storyline.

  • Jon

    Years ago there was a tv program where they tossed the dwarf. The one who tossed the dwarf the farthest won. Got all sorts of heat from the PC crowd. I would like to see a segment where the Big Show and Mark Henry would have a toss the Hornswaggle contest.

  • Dr.Dre

    hornswoggle getting kicked and slap was funny but wrong in a way

  • Teran

    Enough Hornswoggle, he was only good as Finlay’s Little Bastard

  • diddy

    @ tombstonekiddiefiddler(tomestonepiledriver) go fiddle with your own kids pervert

  • Freakzilla

    Its true tombestonekiddyfiddler is a jackass. Kudos for owning up to it.

  • PinkSinCara

    I really wish Mark Henry would give Hornswoggle the world’s strongest slam off the entrance ramp

  • kennedyniles

    Hornswoggle is awesome

  • lil warrior

    @sammo if thats what it takes to write a column john cena should get his own as well along with hogan they could call it the 3 biggest draws in wrestling ever by the warrior hogan and cena

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    @Sammo—Nah man dont get like that. He’s just saying that cause you really are a “Jackass”———It’s ok man so am I. Embrace your inner jackassism. LMAO! I made a new word.

  • Sammo

    @Tyler – You seem upset by my comments. Do you want me ring your parents and get them to come and pick you up, or do you think you’ll be okay?

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    @venom, Heyyyy I like Hornswoggle. Maybe your mad cause he called your dream girl “Granma” last night.

  • Tyler(:

    Because Sammo’s a jackass.

  • venom

    just fire Hornswoggle.

  • Malin

    How could anyone possibly “dislike” Sammo’s comment?

    Ultimare warrior is a deluded, homophobic asshole who will always be his own biggest fan.

  • Sammo

    What sort of advice would people want from Ultimate Warrior?

    How to become a global wrestling star and world champion without having any wrestling talent whatsoever maybe?