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Hornswoggle’s Rumble Appearance, Scott Hall Headed for Treatment, More

– A press release was sent out this week noting that Scott Hall, who apparently has been living healthier, is headed to Houston, Texas for rehab where he will be treated for his heart and psychiatric care. The release also noted that once he’s done with rehab, Hall plans on attending the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony in Atlanta where his friend Shawn Michaels will be the headliner. WWE is likely paying for Hall’s upcoming treatment.

– WWE has released the new t-shirt for The Corre as well as new WrestleMania 27 merchandise.

– It was Vince McMahon’s idea to have Hornswoggle featured with John Cena in the Royal Rumble on Sunday. Word is that Vince thought Hornswoggle being center stage in the Rumble would be a good way of re-introducing his character. Expect to see more of Hornswoggle over the next few weeks or months.

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  • shawn

    @vinny they paid for the program, so did i. hornswallow sucks and some storylines too.

  • Vinny

    some of you people on here are little kids who have NO idea what it takes to run a business. All you do is bad mouth wwe, for what? you say their writing sucks? lets see you make a better script for something. Some of you little kids need to go play with your wwe action figures and shut up already…wow

  • donners

    best bit of the rumble?

    ‘swoggle getting pie-faced by sheamus… i thought he’d knocked him out!!

  • Karl

    The one thing WWE seems to do pretty well in a consistent manner is humor, and Hornswoggle is a part of that. I know not everyone likes the humor, but it sure as heck beats listening to Michael Cole or watching the Divas be given short shrift.

  • thekingfinallyjoinsin

    I dont think the Hart Dynasty should have been broken up (nor Cryme Tyme but whatever). Like most tag teams, it just sends somebody to the unemployment line and sometimes both. Kidd nor SMith has done anything since their break up. And did you see JTG’s performance? Sad. SO many regrets, so many regrets. The tag division coulda been somthing had they kept so many talents. so sad

  • Zach

    Vince was responsible for putting Hornswoggle in the rumble? Well, now we know why the writing sucks.

  • Vinny

    Thats why I loved the Attitude era’s “Get It?” slogan, cause some people just don’t @#$%^&* “get it”

  • Vinny

    The Hornswoggle spot in the Rumble is why they call it World Wrestling ENTERTAINMENT folks… relax. its not like hes going to main event wrestlemania, right?

  • the great gali

    haha. ayos a. may pinoy!
    anyways, saw a clip with that lil bastard doing AA on tyson kidd

  • Truthiness

    If I had to choose between Hornswoggle or DH Smith I’d choose Hornswoggle, at least he’s over with the crowd. When DH Smith comes out there’s a collective “meh” from the crowd. I think the WWE made a mistake in turning Kidd heel instead of him. Neither of them can talk on the mic but at least DH looks like a heel. Maybe they should have had both of them turn on Natalya and say that she was the problem with their team when it was clearly the two of them.

  • k91xxx

    i hate midgets he needs 2 be fired

  • John

    I thought the Hornswoggle bit was awesome. I laughed my butt off at the dude, as was Cena. Great addition to the rumble in my opinion…wasn’t any worse than Del Rio winning.

  • Eric Nixon

    The Royal Rumble was confirmation that I made the right decision to stop watching WWE months ago. It really just isn’t my cup of tea anymore.

  • mark

    was talking about hall not hornswoggle

  • kamoteng kahoy

    lol at the vince rehab thing. completely agree w/ u.

  • Clara711

    Sounds like Vince needs to join Hall in rehab. Hornswoggle should never have been in the rumble! He is not cute, just annoying. They are plenty of other young wrestlers who could be put over, but instead Vince wants to throw a leprechaun down out throats. He wonders why his profits are going down the drain!

  • keylo

    LOL at the above as he did well with what he was used for.

  • mark

    he really needs to make the effort this time!!!