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Hot New Candids of Stacy Keibler & Torrie Wilson Together

  • voice of reason

    i think the first time i saw torrie was 15 years ago so she’d be nudging 40 now she’s probably had a few kids & i think she had her implants removed but she is looking great same goes for stacy she is also looking fantastic

  • Ricardo

    Have you people ever seen a woman up close? What were you expecting, makeup and photoshop? To say “it doesn’t look like them” because they do not look like they do on television is like doubting you’re seeing the real band playing live because they don’t sound like the album.

  • StudDog

    ^ ^ ^ I agree, does not look like Torrie or Stacy. I say the pic. is bullshit.

  • doranimo

    dosnt look like torrie at all. you wouldnt even guess its her..prob just the pics though

  • yelissa

    torrie is so beautiful

  • Rucdogg

    I have said it a hundred times, when torrie was in wcw and her first few years in wwe and when trish first started with t and a, they were the two hottest women ever in wrestling, i think it was because they still had that fitness model look. they both look nothing like that now, just a more skinny and mature hot i guess

  • wwf ruled..

    @ Long Rod Von HugenDong
    yes definately,completely agree with you…Torrie was one my all time fav diva and the most hottest diva ever..a lot has changed with regards to wwe..really miss those good old days of wrestling and divas action…

  • Long Rod Von HugenDong

    I remeber Torrie as one of the hottest divas ever… she still looks good, very good, but surely the years have passed on her.

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