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Hot New Cleavage Pics of The Bella Twins

bellascle1 Hot New Cleavage Pics of The Bella Twins

bellascle2 Hot New Cleavage Pics of The Bella Twins

  • Yeah

    YOu can bash the cunts all you want. But you gotta admit you’d double tap both them bitches.

  • RAZO


  • Satan

    WTF?? are all you dudes blind the Bella’s are fucking hot.

  • tylerb

    dude gail kim is way hotter then these two

  • The Man

    @robinson. Finally some one agrees with me

  • Robinson

    They do nothing for me either. I think gail kim and natalya are by far the hottest.

  • adam

    maryse and kelly have gotten better in the ring. Layla is still awful but she is hot. Plus maryse barley wrestles anymore she is now the host for nxt and is ted dibiase’s manager.

  • erik

    they are sexy chicks but they should be on a runway not a wrestling ring. same goes for layla, kelly, kelly maryse and rosa.

  • Veganism

    Beautiful women, no doubt. But wrestlers? HELL NO. They need to be in the porn industry, not the wrestling industry. Same can be said about Maryse.

  • KitKrock

    They would look better with my semen dripping down their cleavage.

  • adam

    I think it is the way she is siting cause in the next picture it doesnt look like that.

  • Chris

    Top picture, the one on the left looks like her chest is skin and bones.

  • StraightestManAlive

    ^ The 2 guys above me are fags.

  • Steve

    CM Punk was right.

  • this dude knows his wrestling

    they do nothing for me.

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