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Hot Michelle McCool Bikini Photos

  • erik

    @adz Thanks for insult it is greatly apperciate. My point is wwe divas used to be good divison and now it is not. That is all i am trying to get across on here.

  • Adz

    Eric… Stop posting stuff, it takes me ages to understand wat u r chatting about as it looks like a 5yr old has typed all of your posts… We get it, u think wwe has a pants tag division and majority of the divas aren’t as talented as tna’s, but u don’t need to tell us on every post!! BORING!

  • erik

    mccool will have her on talent ass with another title reign handed to her. I mean divas are joke quick matches mccool always winning title. tna has better talent tara vs mickie feud is better than mctaker winning all times. Let’s see mid card no bodies like santino and koslvo.

  • erik

    @poop no problem poop. I mean what a stupid screen name. mccool is joke in ring decent at best. I mean let’s face it if it wasn’t for undertaker she would have been fired.

  • Andy

    @erik stop acting like you wouldn’t be all over McCool if you had the opportunity!

  • http://poop Poop

    @erik thanks for the mediocre spelling and subpar post

  • erik

    @vampire melina, victoria even sarita is hotter than mctaker. Also props to taker for killing divison with mccool medicore skills.

  • Andy

    Yeah – I dont care what anyone says – props to Taker, haha!

  • Vampirekiller

    U know everyone on W-E seems to hate on McCool but she is still one of the hottest women in the wwe and hell one of the hottest women period

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