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Hot Photos of Rookie Kaitlyn Posing Before WWE!

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  • scaryclown34

    my gf looks like her except fat, not jacked lol

  • Wes

    WOW! GREAT LEGS and Beautiful FACE

    This girl has become my favorite diva and I am sure she will win NXT and go on to become the woman’s champion!

  • erik

    @ adam all divas that good wrestle are gone victoria tara to tna katie lea and mickie james fired. I mean jillian and gail are jobbers. I would pick tara victoria harmanda and taylor who are used any day over kelly layla, bellas, rosa, that couldn’t wrestle there way out if paper bag. divas are joke models who can’t wrestle!

  • dallas daniel hessler jr.

    i love buff chicks

  • Garry Coltrane

    No wonder Vickie’s so jealous! Vickie will probably going after Del Rio, anyway.

  • adam tarasievich

    ya ok there tna knockout tag team titles. do those titles actually mean anything they just gave them the titles because they want the hole 2 factions of the beautiful people to fight eachother. IT would of been smarter even though none of htem can wrestle to keep them on some set of the beatiful people so they could eventually have a match for all the titles. Much like wwe is doing with scraping the 2 diva titles and just having one tna needs to as well i mean do you really need a knockout tag team division. If they want to take one of wcw’s old ideas which they obvoiusly do cause look at most of there storylines have x-division tag titles or actually use the xdivision more thats what got u there. As for katline ya her body is smokin hot and like hombre said her face is like one of those hot girls but the ones u can get.

  • Hombre Malo

    Her tits are so fake but her body is banging and her face has that “attainable” look

  • erik

    If you read tna spoilers harmanda and taylor tna tag team champions defeat madison and lacey to defend there tag teamtitles. I would rather watch tna thursday and see taylor and harmanda in action than wwe models.

  • rik

    man that last picture blew my mind easily the best looking of all nxt divas and not one of them is bad looking except for naomi

  • mabry

    omg, if it wasnt enough wit her body, her face is just amazing…. for the first time ill eat my words, i really hope she stay around even if she is the worst wrestler in da world….

  • adam tarasievich

    if your going to make a argument towards tna girls can wresle i dont think i would add angelina love and madison rayne to that because them and velvet sky arnt that good either. Ya tara is good but she is past her prime and they dont use taylor or harmada so who do they have.

  • erik

    Well she will be divas and womens champion in year. she looks cut i will admit. That is all it takes looks and cute face to be a diva now in wwe. sad but true just like no talent tits and ass kelly bellas and eve botch queen. tna has victoria tara, angelina love, madisos, taylor and harmanda who can wrestle and are being used. wwe has not talent bimbos like teal mclame and kelly stripper and bellas sluts.

  • rko

    She’s a Hottie and next to that keyes chick as the hottest nxt contestants.

  • adam tarasievich

    Not even any more though. I mean if that was true kelly would still be stripping and possibly possing for playboy with layla

  • Chuva

    It’s true. You’re only allowed to be a sl*t once you sign with the WWE.

    She’s got a great face, but a little too buff for me. Not saying I wouldn’t slam her like a pancake tho.

  • lol

    nothing wow! about her tbh. she didn’t look that great in smackdown.

  • Renz

    lol and shes built

  • Renz

    hahaha at adam… na shes fine as, my mouth dropped when i saw her

  • adam tarasievich

    dont let wwe find out she did these pix she might get fired.

  • Adam

    HOT & S E X Y Hope She Gets In The Final 3

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