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Hot New Pics of Traci and SoCal Val in Bikinis Together

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  • erik

    @adam yeah that is what most of eyecandy divas do for money couch k2 bellas alicia fox rosa etc

  • adam

    ONly thing eitehr of them is good for. I still think its funny the only purpose so cal val has in tna is to get the ropes for ric flair and other wrestlers. I mean thats has to be the perfect job u get paid some good money to just stand there look cute dont say a word and get a rope.

  • rko

    Yep Tracy has a smoking body.

  • Jushin Liger

    i dont know what it is about Vals face but i don;t like it.Her body is bangin though.Now traci on the other hand i will just say this…..THAT FRANKIE K. IS ONE LUCKY S.O.B.!!!!she has always been one of my favorite knockouts and when i met her in person at a signing, she looked twice as hot and was super nice to everybody.Damn i wanted to hit that lol.

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