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Must See: Hot New Tennis Shoot from Beth Phoenix

  • resa


  • tombstonepiledriver

    Ever notice that Beth has a jaw and chin like dick tracy or batman?

  • tombstonepiledriver

    Both might be crossdressers or drag queens. Maybe hermaphrodites

  • Well

    also, its funny how Natalya has a deeper voice then Beth, when clearly its suppose to be opposite

  • Well

    Ok she’s not the hottest but she can muscle me around anytime if you know what i mean ;D

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    Looka lika Man!

  • Terrance

    um have u guys seen eve and kelly? they aren’t skinny. truthfully the only scrawny chick on the roster is lame ass useless rosa. but either way that’s all you cm. you got that. not sexy to me

  • Ray

    The hottest diva on the roster. Fuck the skinny, scrawny Kelly Kellys’ and Eve Torres’.

  • rko

    A little too buff for my taste, but i’d still hit it.

  • rock

    she is in no way hot sorry

  • jlove

    Hands down, hottest diva!!

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