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- Any negotiations between Paul Heyman and TNA are now over after Dixie Carter refused to grant Heyman’s demands.

Heyman ultimately wanted the power to make talent changes without her request, as well as calling for roughly $1 million in talent cuts, and $200,000 in indy/international talent additions. As part of his office team, Heyman also wanted to bring in former WWE creative team member Dave Lagana and Dragon Gate USA booker Gabe Sapolsky.

Heyman was also frustrated that his job description wasn’t laid out in specific terms. He is unlikely to work with TNA in the future, even if offered the deal he was previously seeking, insisting he has moved on.

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  • Treg

    That would have been interesting. Too bad it didn’t happen and it looks like it never will. As Jim Cornette has said, Heyman would want absolute power over the decisions in the company. Dixie, Hogan and Bishoff (and whoever else in charge) will never give that up.

  • CC

    @Jason. You have no idea what you are talking about.
    Heyman might not have been the financial genius that was needed required to run a company, but a lot of the pitfalls that ECW encountered were just poor luck, or things like networks making all sorts of promises, then pulling the rug out from under him when they got cold feet.
    I dont believe for a second that ECW would have ever been as big as WWE or WCW, but had the networks had some balls, then it would have at least been pulling down similar viewing figures to TNA or more.

    and @ Andre.
    Panda may very well have more money than WWE, but its an energy company, so no way is TNA a priority. At any point they (like Turner) could decide its no longer something they are interested in.
    McMahon has one company and one company only, WWE.
    While he may branch out from time to time with film studios etc, his primary concern is SD, RAW and the PPVS, hence the fact that he puts more money into his production.
    Panda puts in a fraction of the money to TNA that Vince puts into WWE, because to them its not a priority.

  • Jason

    Heyman is the worst wrestling promoter in the world of pro wrestling. The dude killed his own company with bad business moves after bad business moves. Meanwhile Carter does the smart thing and hires a real wrestling promoter in Eric Bischoff. Ratings are up so for the fucktard who said they are going down he needs to stfu or die. Carter also said TNA is making more money/profit then ever before in company history. You heyman lovers are fucked in the head for real

  • Mel_C

    @ Dirt Devil.. I wasnt sayin it as to say dixie should let heyman run the company because we all know what happened to ECW. I was saying as a talent stand point.. Heyman could have possibly help build the company back to what it was when it started..

  • Valo487

    It couldn’t have been any worse than what they’re spitting out now, and odds are it would have been a major improvement. I mean, the fact that his cuts would have saved the company 800,000 dollars is already a step in the right direction for them as far as business goes.

  • Dirt Devil

    Hey heres an idea…all you Brains and innovators…..start your own company and hire Heyman. Oh yeah forgot….a bunch of pimple popping nothings…ooooppps

  • Damien Phoenix

    You could of had the best booker joined if Dixie was smart enough to agree to Paul’s terms. What a fucking idiot.

  • RKO20

    I wouldnt wanna give Heyman control of my company either…anybody forget how he ran ECW into the ground

  • andre lewis

    fellas tna still has hope dont keep saying its gonna end up like wcw because its not wcw and tna are 2 completly different companies wcw had ted turners millions tna has dixie carters family who has more money then wwe wwe isnt worth what you think it is wwe has lost over 400 million in the last 10 yrs wwe isnt a billion dollar company dont be naive i looked it up wwe is worth 600 million dollars thats low tnas parent company panda energy is worth 2 something close 2 a billion they are loaded tna just needs 2 rid itself of slogan and bitchoff 2 old fuckers who are stuck in the 90s what was cool in 1996 is considered lame 2day tna has so much potential so much

  • jayare

    hogan and bishoff are running tna into the ground. everyweek tna ratings are going down faster than a rock.its time to change before its too late. heyman knew whats comming another wcw in the ground. you need a good storyline stop copying wwetrump got raw like hogan got tna. dixie i like tna. but hogan gotta go!! get fresh ideas!

  • CC

    I can sort of understand why Dixie would not give him permission to make talent changes without her say so, as from a marketing/merchandising point of view, it would be pretty bad if she signed a deal with a company and then found out some of the names she sold the deal on are no longer there.
    If she was running the business side of it, then there would need to be some discussion between both sides before any deals are made by either of them.

    That said, everything else Paul wanted should have been an east grant, but I guess she probably had people in her ear like Hogan, telling her not to go for it for fear of his or his buddies jobs being part of those cuts.

    The biggest problem with TNA is too many chiefs and not enough indians, and none of them seem to have defined positions/responsibilities.

    Considering how much power she handed over to (or at least influence) the guys who destroyed WCW, I can only guess that they are the main reason a deal with Paul could not be done.

  • 6burgh

    stay away paul!!! u had a gimmick in the 90s thats it. its over.

  • me

    @adam tarasievich i would bet money it’s shawn michaels

  • adam tarasievich

    Heymen is the mystery GM thats why.

  • charlemange

    they really should have signed Heyman and they could be partners Him doing the Wrestling part and Dixie running the bussiness part, They would compensate eachothers flaws. But that means probably alot of people would leave the company(Nash, EV2,Hogan, Bischoff,Russo, Jarett, maybe Ric) He could probably take that company to the next level but Dixie was being Dixie and acting like a dumbass so we got stuck with Immortal which to me isnt that good of a stable 3 old guys a monster and new heel who might be going to jail in a few months wow good job

  • Al

    dixie doesnt believe in cutting costs. she likes to spend on guys like flair, hogan, sting

  • Jur

    Hell yeah bad move, sounded like he wanted to make a lot of good, big changes.

  • Mel_C

    Bad Move Dixie..

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