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  • Hello

    I WAS THERE AND THE RAW AFTER MANIA AND MAINA IT SELF! But the funniest thing was that Cena managed to get gospel singers Booed! LOL

  • Dale

    Pic 14 would’ve made a great stable

  • gianthinker

    Why wasn’t Scott Hall there when teh Kliq reunion happened?

  • Joe Piscapo

    ^ Orton’s pimp hand ain’t strong enough.

  • TomC

    Holy Crap … Sean Waltman is ALIVE ???

    Gotta admit, that was pretty cool to see.

  • D-Fresh

    I can’t help but get emotional for the Road Warriors because they were the greatest tag team of all time in my opinion and I’m happy that they finally got inducted into WWE’s Hall of Fame, but it’s really bittersweet because Hawk wasn’t there. I know he was there in everyones hearts, though. At the end of the day, that’s all that really matters. May their legend live on.

  • I miss HAWK. R.I.P.

  • italia911

    The Clic 4 LIFE !!!